Anyway to purchase a Wii U from Black Friday sale and get it to work in Aus?

Hey guys. Since we get ripped off here in Aus is it possible to get the wii u to work in Australia if it's brought from America? Is it the Aus game that won't work on it and if I buy American games will they work here? Thanks


  • I dont think so.
    Since Wii U is region locked.

    Where you bought the console, should be the same where to buy games for it.

  • With an adapter for the plug, it will work here, just need to get your games from amazon etc

  • Or you could buy your games digitally from the eShop.

    • yeah, cept note that the e-shop sucks. Games are always far more expensive than you find in stores, you cant trade them in and not that many titles are even available.

      • I thought all games were digitally released nowadays and I was under the influence that the US eShop was quite cheap and well stocked on games.

  • Is it possible to buy games off the American Eshop if you have a PAL Wii U?

  • Where and how are you importing your Wii U from the state? I am trying to find a NSTC Wii U as well but they are generally more expensive than what they selling locally, because of the shipping fees.

  • Yeah the shipping fees killed the deals:(

  • I've spoken to catch of the day about having a wii u deal and they said keep an eye on their page and they are gonna speak to the buyers

  • I've had US Nintendo Consoles since GCN. Currently use the Eshop for my Wii U. Getting $5 back each $50 I spend has really helped lower the price (DDP Program) and also allows me to get games a heck of a lot earlier.

    Only downside is that your location (as in on the console itself) has to be somewhere in America as you can't select from another region.

    If for some reason I do purchase physical copies i'd go (I miss dvdboxoffice)