Nespresso sale at Harvey Norman

Hi all,

This weekend' Harvey Norman has a Nespresso model on sale for $119 after cashback.…

This seems to be one of the cheaper models. Does anyone know if the Nespresso machines are any different inside or is it just the body that is different? It's a present for my wife for Christmas but not sure if this is a good deal or if I should pay a bit more for a higher end model.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • good price incl the aerocinno machine!

  • Good deal, thanks for the heads up. It scanned for $159 at city west, wa so that was a bonus!

  • DJs salesperson told me all Nespresso machines have exactly the same internal parts for coffee making. The U model is cheapest as it has a totally plastic exterior shell, Pixie has 'designer' metal panels on 2 sides so slightly more expensive (these panels are made from recycled aluminium nespresso pods I was told. You can take used pods to nespresso stores for recycling). The Citiz comes with a wide plastic base that also holds the aerocino, & is a bit dearer again. The more expensive Latissima models include a built in milk frother, but use same components for coffee extraction.

    Apparently the U is the latest model in the Nespresso family. The water tank at the back can pivot to stand behind the machine, or to the side for easier access when you want to top up water. Other models don't have this feature. The U also lets you choose 3 different strengths of shot - ristretto, espresso & lungo. The Pixie & Citiz models don't have the ristretto shot setting. I didn't look that closely at the Latissima though… For the lower price & extra features the U wins in my opinion. Two year warranty & so cheap.

    You should go to a store & have a look in person. I think there is some difference in where the pods go after use in the different models. Some machines are more fiddly to get the used/dirty pods out. In the U the pods drop into a little drawer than you pull out easily. Can't remember what happened with other models, but do recall they seemed harder to get the used pods out than the U. Another reason I chose the U.

  • Back up to $249 now. Glad I grabbed one when I did. Great little machine and the Ristretto is simply amazing if you like a strong espresso.

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