New Feature: Search Alerts (Email Notifications of New Posts Matching Search Query)

UPDATE: This is now out of beta and is available to all users.

We have pushed out a new feature this morning, and it's now available to all opt-in beta users to try out. For more information about opt-in our beta program, please check this wiki page. Do note that currently alternate front page is also in beta, but you can change to List view to get the current front page back.

New Feature: Search Alerts

Basically it allows you to create "Search Alerts" so that you get an email notification if new posts match your search criteria. For example interested in any Nexus 7 deals? Search Nexus 7 on OzBargain, and click on "Create Alert". You'll then get an email from us when a new deal or a new forum topic has been posted that contain words "nexus 7".

Some implementation details — we will re-run the queries once each hour on all the new posts, so you will get an email at most once each hour for all your alerts. There is also a maximum 10 alerts at the moment. You can manage your existing alerts from your Subscriptions -> Events page.


  • Doesn't seem to be working.

    • Which part doesn't work?

      • Could not save alert, but working now.

  • +1

    Was just thinking about a feature like this!
    Wish I could access it already :P

    • Me too

  • +3

    Search Alert is now available to all users.

  • RSS would be better, and it seems to be available but extremely well hidden

  • Under Subscriptions/Events all I can find is "You do not have any search alert." and no way to create one.

    • You need to search first then click on "Create Alert".

      • Thanks, I just found that and came here to edit. :-)

  • Can we please bump up the maximum alerts allowed?

  • An option to add a second email address would be handy on this one…..thanks for implementing an excellent feature by the way.

    • This feature is for users only and we can't let you spam other people's inbox yet :)

      You can however set up your email address (Gmail for example) to automatically forward to a second address when the incoming email is a search alert.

  • LOL, thanks for the headsup Scotty, something I'd forgotten I could do.

  • What is the email address for the alerts? So I can add it to my VIP email list on iOS.

  • Can I limit the search alert to deals only? I don't want to be receiving forum posts or competitions or… is there a way to customise that preference?


  • Where can I delete the Alert I have created from?
    When I click Unsubscribe Search Alert for "x", I receive an error from Ozbargian page and I can't seen to find where the alerts are stored in my profile.

    • Hi Mehrad,

      Search alerts are stored in settings > subscriptions > events. Direct link for you. You can unsubscribe there, or directly from the search alert email.

      If you are unsubscribing directly from the search alert email, you'll need to be logged in or you'll get a 403 forbidden error which I think may have been the issue you faced.

      • Champion. I have literally checked each and every settings menu except Events :) Just didn't seem it'll be under it.
        I have even created my own IFTTT rule for the bargains I was looking for a while ago before I release the new alert feature is added to Ozbargain which is pretty handy. Link here.

        BTW, I have definitely been logged in when I attempted to unsubscribe for the alert from the email. I will send you an screen shot the moment I will receive another email and press the link.

        Thanks again for your help.

  • I can seem to find a link to save the search I have just conducted. The only options I can select is None, want, have, had?

    • You are on a product page instead of a search results page, probably by selecting the product from the drop down. What are you searching?

  • wanting to place alerts for a zanflare c4 or liitokala 500?

  • Any chance we can search for deals that have not expired, with a specified minimum number of votes?

  • Greetings

    I am struggling to find the "save alert" function. Here is a screen grab of the search results!Am1qZ1eiFfHthKhUJ4SMpaGumQkbnA

    Can somebody kindly show me where it is?

    • +1

      You need to do a search first. For example search for Ryzen 5 3500 and then click on "Create Alert"

      • I did the search and got the results as shown in the linked screen grab, but I cannot find the link to create a search alert

        Oh, I got it when following your link in your post. I used the search box top right

        • +1

          Your linked screen grab is not a search result page, but a list of nodes linked to a specific tag. Please click on the link in my previous comment (which is a search result page), and you'll see the Create Alert link on the page.

          • @scotty: Thanks mate, greatly appreciated

          • +1

            @scotty: Is there a reason they can't be alerted on? Or is the functionality just missing?

            • @dbareis: We can't create alert on product tags at the moment because often deals aren't tagged properly when they were posted — sometimes they are fixed hours later by mods & power users.

              • @scotty: Wouldn't you just rerun alerting for added tags when it happens? Maybe after a delay to allow for someone adding then removing them?

                • +1

                  @dbareis: That means keeping track of whether a notification for a product has been fired for a certain node. This "delay" can be hours especially over evenings & weekends. Deals can also be wrongly tagged by OP resulting unintended notifications.

                  The product tag notification using the Have/Want system has been requested for a long time. We are still working out a solution.

                  • @scotty: It would be great if this was able to be done, I fear users may miss out on good deals currently!

                    • +1

                      @tomwood: yeah I missied out on a few good deals now… I run an rss feed onmy phone but the sheer volume of deals must overlook so many that would be suitable until I see its expired days/weeks/months later.

      • thanks I was having the same issue as dechah. searching in the top right search bar… didn't know there was even another search bar hidden in plain site right there

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