US Cyber Monday SCAM?

I have been having my eyes on the Neato XV-21 and iRobot Roomba 630 from Amazon US. But what I found is that prices actually went up during the period between US Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday period.

Roomba 630 : price went up from $299 to $349
Neato XV-21 : Same price but shipping to Australia went up from $65 to $79.

Just a marketing trick I reckon.

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    Not sure about Neato XV-21, but according to Camel x3, iRobot Rommba 630 was only at $299 for one single day (Nov 27), and it has been at $349 most of the time.


    It's normal for Amazon.

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    Many people don't seem to know what the word 'scam' means. Perhaps SCAM is different to scam and I was unaware of this technicality.


      many people don't seem to know that sale doesn't mean EVERYTHING GOES ON SALE, just selected stock

      and yeah everyone seems to be using the word scam loosely, coles scammed us cause they didn't have any discount ducks….


    Haha, not strictly a scam, but not real deals non the less.


    I prefer "deceptive" or "misleading" - i.e. "deceptive RRP" or "misleading discount %".
    And unfortunately it ain't just Amazon, could have sworn local retailers do it from time to time (especially before Xmas & Boxing Day), but have never bothered to record before & after prices. I usually just don't buy it - OzBargainers should know if it's a good deal or not… :-p


    I agree with you. Have been checking the prices of different shops in US. There was no difference in the prices. It is very misleading that prices are discounted for Black Friday or Monday.

    I have been checking prices on Amazon as well for different things. On Amazon prices are higher than the shop and Amazon sells old models too. It is a good idea to check the prices in the shops before ordering on Amazon.


      u do know sales doesn't mean everything is on sale…
      also if the prices are in AUD, the usd has been falling in the last few days
      prices in amazon would be rising if shown in AUD

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