DSE VS SONIQ - which is better TV for bedroom?

HI all,

what is a better tv for bedroom ?

Soniq 40" $349 less 5% paywave
DSE 40" LED 100 hz $398 less 10% for staff and 5% paywave


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    sorry not helping but i think both brands are crap. get lg sammy sony pana etc well known brand when they are on sale, check this forum often :)

  • I had have had a 32 inch Soniq plasma tv in the bedroom for 6 years and it has never had a problem. Sure the picture is crap, but it is fine for the bedroom.

    On the other hand, my 42inch Samsung plasma looked amazing but died after 2.5 years.

    I think it really is just luck on how long you get out of them.

    You should also consider Kogan, there is a 40inch LED for $299 on pre-sale at the moment.

    • i had soniq 23" IPS series, it has good picture quality, so so sound…..

  • I have a 3 year old 32" FHD Soniq LCD which was very cheep at the time $300..

    has great colour, lots of connectors(I'm not missing any that I want!), decent remote, good ui/EPG, and an LG LCD Panel, USB Media Support…

    only flaw in my eyes is the little start-up chime (great when the kids are going to sleep!)

  • I have a DSE in the kitchen (on top of the fridge). I really like it but if you try and look from an angle you cannot see the picture. My Sony TV's (lounge and bedroom) don't have this issue.

    • interesting, might check out DSE TV instore again at an angle.

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    Difference is that Soniq is a manufacturer, whereas Dick, like Kogan, is not. Dick will put orders through with whichever no-name OEM does it for the least bucks per unit. That means that the quality may vary widely (wildly?) if Dick has several OEMs that it uses for its line of TVs.

    More info on Soniq(from early 2010, so it may no longer be accurate):

    1.Soniq uses LG or Samsung panels in their LCD range. Panasonic panels are now being used in their plasma range.

    2.Each panel is one generation behind the current manufacturer's mainstream panels. So if you like the latest Panasonic panel now, wait till next year and Soniq may be using it.

    3.The price of panels fluctuates a lot, depending on various factors including exchange rate, manufacturing and material costs. Now is a good time to buy a LCD or plasma, argues Yaacoub, because Soniq reckons the current panel supply is insufficient to meet demand. A deflated Australian dollar has a negative effect on panel prices.

    4.One of our major concerns for a company offering prices this low is service and support. Soniq says they have an in-home warranty service, which started this year. Soniq say they'll happily cart your flat screen off to the closet repair centre and provide you with a replacement loan TV while it's being repaired.

    5.Soniq have their own factories in China (though as we previously explained, the panels themselves use other brands' technology). A new factory is currently being developed that will push out 1 million panels a year.

    Which is better for you? Have a look at both in store and decide which picture looks better. That's not the whole story, as getting into the settings may improve one or both of the TVs picture, and how it looks in-store may not bear out in your bedroom. Warranty will probably be a similar deal with both, although other commentators have indicated that Soniq may be flexible as regards faults occurring after 12 months.

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