What's your favourite men's fragrance?

Having a sense of smell that comes and goes, I have to rely on the opinions of others. I know lots of the old favourites: Jazz, Kouros, etc. my husband and sons currently like Boss Orange, CK Be, Gucci Envy, Cerruti 1881, Burberry Sport, Joop Homme.
What are some of you favourites? Especially interested in some of the newer fragrances.
By the way, oo.com.au has good prices and free delivery at the moment. Ordered Bos Orange Thursday. Turned up yesterday.


  • balz zac by me

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    $2 deodorant sticks from The Reject Shop.

    • I'm cheaper than that. I just take a shower.

  • The One by Dolce and Gabbana, very versatile.

  • Oscar de la Renta pour Lui

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    Surprised no one has mentioned Fierce by Abercombie and Fitch. Amazing lemongrass <3

  • Signoricci by Nina Ricci. Sadly no longer made.

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    To be honest, I really enjoy my own natural scent… Sort of smells like marijuana. I also find perfume or cologne hitting me in the back of the throat, and making me cough.

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      try not using the perfume when u're high bro, it ain't gonna mix well.

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    Polo 2

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    Sex Panthur

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        With great Sex Panther comes great responsibilty

        Great review.

        By J. D. Crane - October 10, 2009
        I received this cologne as a gift from my younger brother.

        He had saved his money from mowing lawns the entire summer and told me that I was his big bubba and he loved me. I opened the cologne and it's smell lit up my senses in a way that I can not begin to describe.

        I wore it to school the next day and noticed that teachers seemed to bend over a lot more in front of me, the girls all seemed to stay near my locker, and the principal called me into his office for a "long talk."

        It seems that I have an animal magnetism that can only be explained by the power of this mighty cologne. I have since run out of the cologne and since my mom took away my allowance for molesting a family of badgers(illegal in my county) I have resorted to trying and making my own cologne to wear.

        I have tried many things, but most of the time people look at me in disgust and wrinkle their noses as if I am something on the bottom of their shoe that they wish someone had cleaned up before they had stepped in me.

        I miss the power that I had over the fairer sex when I wore this cologne. I was the only guy to meet a girl at the movies on Friday, and meeting a girl in this town when they only show a movie twice week? That is a big deal. Usually, we have to make out in the rusted out school park after 11, but the movies you have the cover of darkness to hunt. And that is what I did when I was Sex Panther Johnston. Hunted out the ladies.

        Now I cry.

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    CK Eternity

  • I use Intimately Beckham.

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    La Nuit de l`Homme Yves Saint Laurent on a man oh my lord mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

  • After seeing this thread I actually went and bought some Ralph Polo Red.

    Its actually amazing!!!

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    I'm loving Terre D'Hermes EDP at the moment!

    • Do you use this as a daily? I have it but don't use it that often, I don't know what occasion to use it on lol.

      • It's a hard one. It definitely suits night time more than the day, but I do use it as a daily. It's very classy (in my opinion) so happy for it to become my 'scent'. :)

        • Definitely more of a cooler weather/evening scent, but it smells great.

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    Great to see that OzBargain has a good frangrance following.

    I'm quite an avid fragrance person. I started collecting late last year.

    This is my collection (so far). I've sold quite a few 'blind buys' that I didn't like recently, so it's quite smaller than it once was.


    If you're a 18-29 year old guy, I highly recommend:
    1) Dior Homme Intense — put simply, this stuff smells like sophisticated chocolate and WILL get you laid.
    2) L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme — As above, but softer + a hint of patchouli.
    3) La Nuit de L'Homme
    4) Pure Havane — Absolutely devine fragrance. Sweet and hard to find (a good thing because you don't smell like every second or third guy).
    5) Rochas Man by Rochas Man — Soft, sweet, chocolate-y fragrance that stays close to the skin. Good for when you GF/SO is cuddling up to you.

  • CK One SHOCK looks good for the price might have to get a bottle
    Tried Bleu De Chanel in the airport before my flight and it was very nice indeed and good longevity. Also tried Givnchy Gentleman Only not bad as well.

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    chanel! bleu de chanel —— try it —— its really nice
    just got one 100ml from BF ————I love it!

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    Gucci Guilty - so expensive but u can get it about $60 msg me i get so much compliments

  • Bond No 9 - I Love New York For Fathers

  • The very first time that I used dior fahrenheit, a girl asked me for a shag in the toilets. I tend to stick with CK eternity though.

    • Happens a lot in Thailand!
      Did she just come out of the mens' toilet.

      • Hah, it was at a ork christmas party. :|

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      What was girl doing in the same toilets as you? Wait - don't answer that.

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    Chanel Allure Homme Sport. Has a unique creamy citrus scent.
    Chanel Bleu
    Burberry London. This has an earthy, tobacco , leather scent.
    CK Shock. A bit like Burberry London but not as potent.
    Joop Wild.

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    I'd say Lacoste Men's Fragrance

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    Below are a few I own (all very nice)
    Terre D'Hermes by Hermes
    Vetiver by Guerlain (Myers sell them I believe)
    La nuit de l'homme by YSL
    Dior Homme Sport /Dior Homme Intense by Dior
    Aqua Di'Gio
    1 Million by Paco Rabanne
    Armani Code

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    Egoiste by Chanel

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    http://www.fragrancefanatic.com.au/ SANTA13 to receive 10% off order with Free Shipping

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    Issey Miyake L'eau d'issey pour homme
    CK Eternity
    Used to like Acqua Di Gio, but it's a bit too strong for my tastes now. Plus the people that use it are often the type of people to wear Ed Hardy t-shirts.

  • CK One.

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    Pretty good response to this thread, thanks to the OP for posting. Im always looking for that one scent that the ladies go nuts for. According to suggestions and +votes id say the winners are Armani Code, Versace Pour Homme, YSL La Nuit de L'Homme and Paco Robanne 1 Million. Not necessarily in that particular order. Would you agree?

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      I'm loving this thread also. I looked at which got the most positives then popped into my nearest Chemist Warehouse and got a cute girl to help me to whittle them down to two.

      I picked up an everyday cologne (Davidoff Cool Water for Men 125ml - $24.99) and a special occasion scent (Issey Miyake for Men 125ml Spray - $59.99)

      Great prices from what I can gather and my girlfriend is wrapped (not at how I ultimately chose them of course).

  • Lancome Hypnose is my favorite winter scent and Poco Rabanne Black XS my favorite summer one.

  • My favourite men's fragrance is my armpit after 2-3 days without a probably shower.

  • Doesn't anyone use "Touch" by Fred Hayman for really special occasions?

  • Hugo Boss "BOSS".

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