PS4 - Assassin's Creed IV

Bunch of friends chipped in to get a ps for us for christmas.
Thinking about gettin ac4. What are people's opinions and what is the cheapest deal youve seen for it?



    $68 at Big W on PS4 launch, best price locally and hasn't been beaten since.

    Might go for cheaper on import sites like or, but you'll have to factor in postage costs and waiting times.


    Didn't follow the price of this particular game when I bought it but as a veteran of the series I personally enjoyed this one a lot.

    Most of the games for me in the series has devolved to rushing the core missions just to find out what happens in the newest installment - and usually with every game the storyline alters and changes drastically.

    If every game advanced the overall AC storyline by 100%, Black Flag barely scrapes 10%.

    The quality and direction of this game has been the new focus, with naval warfare at the header of Black Flag. I honestly found myself wanting to explore the little mini-games of sinking ships, claiming forts and pressing my victims into my crew, overall it's a very polished game and changes a lot of mechanics which honestly were nonsensical and redundant.

    This game doesn't require you to know previous lore, but it rewards you in the form of optional hacking missions which allow you to delve deeper into the previous story arcs: What happened to Desmond? What's in his personal log/journals between himself ans his father?

    TLDR; Big improvements. Would recommend.

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    I've played most of the assassin creed games and I've never go into it. Assassins Creed 4 is a nice refresh to the series. The one main aspect I love is being able to sail. Though it does get a bit repetitive much like the other games with the Synchronising points, finding chests Etc, but doesn't ruin the gameplay as they're optional. Missions are Also a bit more interesting than the last.


    I'm enjoying an Ass Creed game, first time since AC2 and to a lesser extent BroHo.


    Also looks a ton better on PS4 as compared to last-gen. I picked it up myself for my new PS4, I'm having fun.