VicRoads Registration - 14 days?

Its pretty hard to get a mechanic at this time if you've bought a car and if things need to be fixed it can go over the 14 days pretty easily I reckon. Has anyone been fined if the RWC takes longer than 14 days to get organised before you go to Vicroads?



    It's not a case of being fined, you just won't get the RWC.

    You get 14 days after the first inspection to fix the stuff on it and if you do the RWC is issued.
    If you don't fix it within the 14 days, a whole new inspection has to be done, which will probably find some more issues which you'd need to get fixed.


    Not the time of year to buy an unroadworthy car, for the reasons you have stated. If you cannot find someone to rectify the problems then you will just have to pay for another RWC inspection. I feel sorry for you; and can imagine how busy the mechanics will be after the holiday period too. I needed a replacement battery for my Holden Vectra but couldn't find anyone open to replace it. The RACV (wouldn't be without RACV membership) managed to bring me one out, but it took time as it was not a standard item. Good luck; I know the pain of it all.


    Hi Negaston, I think you might be thinking of a slightly different scenario where I've already had a rwc inspection done, then run out of time to fix it. In my case I'm thinking from the time I buy the car to the time I get a complete rwc which passed could take longer than 14 days. Would VicRoads mind at all?