Powershop Energy Referral - $50 for you and me

Hi all,

I'm planning to sign up with Powershop and I saw a referral ad on the their login page where both parties can get $50. I was wondering if any existing Powershop customer is interested to to log-in and send a referral to me so that we can both get the $50?

I'm not sure how to send the referral email to me but I think you will need to sign-in to your account to find out - https://secure.powershop.com.au/

PM me for my email.

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  • I was looking at their products but it seems very vague on pricing. Prices are not guaranteed and can change anytime based on the season. Do you have any insight into this company and the plans?

  • You do not have PM enabled. PM me your email and I will send a referral to you.

  • I recently reviewed my electricity rates are reading this post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/121612. Went to http://www.yourchoice.vic.gov.au/ and Click Energy came up as the cheapest and powershop second. I did a quick google on Click Energy and customer feedback seemed terrible. Did the same on powershop and things looked good.

    Looking at their website, I was a bit confused on how this all works. Gave them a call and they explained to me the concept of powerpacks. They do not have a pay on time discount on other retailed, they instead reward their customers who check their usage frequently. Once you log into your account, you find all sort of cool stuff such as average cost per day amongst other stuff. You also have the ability to buy powerpacks which gives you extra discount on top of your current rates. You can also buy power packs for future months as even cheaper rates. During the xmas period, they had a 25% off powerpack.

    They have a super user friendly android and iphone app which you can do almost anything that you do online. I am actually addicted to the powerpacks that I check it everyday. Almost feel like gambling.

    My previous provider Energy Australia was a joke. They did not make the most of smart meters at all and I could not even check my account online, pathetic.

    They are very innovative, a bit like health.com.au with super nice customer service. To sum it up, they brought sexy back to electricity.

    • Thanks for that. Are you actually saving compared to your old provider? The rates you provided above are relatively high compared to some of the other providers I have checked so the 25% discount would probably bring them on par. So if this 25% is not guaranteed I would be sceptical.

  • Hi all,

    I signed up with Click Energy from the Big Switch campaign a few months ago. Their rates were the cheapest when that campaign was on but with the Jan 1 increase, their rates are not attractive at all in my area - their usage rate went up a bit but the supply charge went up more than 20%! Then I did some research - Momentum Energy and Powershop came up the cheapest. I decided to choose Powershop to give the flexible pricing a try and they have told me that I don't have to wait for the next billing cycle to get me transferred. They will send out someone to read the meter once I signed up and there's no sign-up or break-off fee.

    ashley7070 - I have PM you my email. Thanks!

    • Referral sent - Let me know if you do not receive it. Oh yeah forgot to point to of no break out fee. They even mention that if you are not happy within 60 days they help you transfer back to your old provider, whatever that means.

  • Click energy were they cheapest for me until January 1. Their increase is greedy and excessive. I am leaving them, and so will the 5 other people I reccomended to them.

    • Good deal but rather use the referral which provides $50 each. Or do you think this can be combined with the referral bonus?