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The Last of Us (PS3) $34.99 @ Costco


The Last of Us for PS3 from Costco for $34.99. Pretty similar pricing to recent deals from Ozgameshop.

Ends 12th Jan 2014

Good deal if you have a Costco membership!

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    Great game. Decent price. :)


    Hi OP, see any PS3 console on sale at Costco?


      $369 for the 500GB Super Slim.

      They don't stock any other models.


      Any way to find out prices of Wii U games and other PS3 games apart from going to the store?


        Most PS3 games are under $69. I picked up LBP2 for $14.99 today as well.

        Pretty much all PS4 and Xbox One games are $72.99

        Wii U games are between $60-80. For example Wonderful 101 is $62.99.

        There's no significant discount on any title except for The last of us at the moment…..


        From what I remember, Wii U titles were generally around $64.95. Some of the titles I saw at the Ringwood store include Zelda: Windwaker HD, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 and maybe 1 or two more.

        PS3 Titles on the other hand vary in price, with the Essentials range for $15 (e.g. PS All-Stars Battle Royale), Saints Row 4 for ~$55, Beyond: Two Souls for ~$40 and other newer release titles for $75 (like Batltefield 4, Batman Arkham Origins).

        I do have to say that was all from memory from around a week ago, so prices could have changed since.

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    Without any spoilers, there is a DLC coming out sometime soon which is an addition to the main storyline. It is a prequel, actually. It follows Ellie before the main game.

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      Niceee. Would be awesome if they port TLOU to PS4. It's unlikely but it would awesome!

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      I don't think any prequel DLC featuring Ellie will be any good. That's my feeling. To tell you why would require posting spoilers about TLOU. It has to do with some first-time experiences Ellie has during TLOU that put considerable limitations on what experiences she can have before TLOU for the story to be consistent.

      For it to not suck it would have to have very different gameplay to the campaign.


        I Disagree, I feel like your saying the intensity of the DLC would not match TLOU. I can think of many ways they could pull it off.

        example, Ellie could be a embryo lol


          It's not to do with intensity..

          It's about the enemy types you can encounter (she meets her first clicker with Joel and Tess), and her combat abilities. Until she met Joel she never fired a gun or killed a person. He taught her that, and her first kill really shook her up. If she killed any runners it would have to be with her knife.

          As soon as you put her in my hands, I'm going to be a killing machine, which can't be reconciled with her rookie-ness in the beginning of TLOU.

          Unless they make this a stealth game with no clickers or bloaters?

          What does it mean for the combat in the DLC?


    Would EB Games price match this?


    Great deal for a brilliant game.
    I picked up the digital version in the PSN 12 deals, as this game has some long load times.
    Looking forward to the solo DLC.

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    this game doesn't have load times


      It does, but it's masked by cutscenes. Naughty Dog and Sony in general are good at doing that. You never see a load screen after the initial load.


    Got a copy, thanks OP.

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