KFC TV ad about kids - $10 for 10 wicked wings & nuggets?

I heard some ad but I missed most of it. It started by saying something about unlike a tv you don't need one plugged into every room. I think it said $10 for 10 wicked wings and 10 nuggets for KFC on some day.

Does anyone know the ad and can give more detailed info.

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  • This is a Newcastle area only promotion. Newcastle stores aren't running the national 9pc for $9.95, they instead will sell 10 Wicked Wings + 10 Nuggets for $10. Tuesdays ONLY

    Wicked Wings are normally $9.95 on there own so you are getting 10 Nuggets for 5 cents rather than $8.95

  • Just saw the ad. Its for Mondays.

    • Sorry. I presumed they would run the promotion in conjunction with the national 9pcs for $9.95 Tuesdays

      • Yeah me too but I'm not surprised they have to be different. It didn't say Newcastle but it did have tiny writing at the end I couldn't see and I'm not surprised it is newcastle area.