Cheapest AAA Eneloop batteries

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone knows anything cheaper than $$21.73 (plus $4.97) for AAA eneloop batteries (2x 4 pack). Always see the AA's on sale (and have a heap!) but desperately need a bunch of AAAs (probably around 16). At the moment no doorbell as the batteries have been re-purposed, so getting desperate!




    I buy my regular AAA from nkon, and XXX/Pro from Amazon JP.

    If you don't mind slow shipping (3-4 weeks), you can get 16 AAAs from nkon for 36.10 euro which is around 56/57ish? including shipping.

    Next cheapest afaik is ebay, $14.90 for a 4pack including shipping from HK, or $16 for ones shipped from Aus.

    Amazon Global has them on sale right now: Link Works out to be $45 USD for 2x 8 Pack (inc shipping to syd)


    If you are not stuck on Eneloops the LSD ones from Hobby king are pretty good. Been using them for a couple of years and no issues at all.

    Buck each so heaps cheaper than the eneloops


      Looks good, Which charger should I use? any recharger can charge this battery?
      Also, what is the postage on this from Hobbyking? I only need 4.

  • (ru so no VAT)

    for 16 AAA, 4 x 4AAA around AUD$42 incl shipping to Australia.
    this is their normal price.

    not sure if above poster is paying for VAT / other combo to get AUD to $56


    We have this ongoing deals AAA Duracell 48pcs for $23.52 delivered