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Domino's Pizza - Traditional $8.95 Pick up + More Codes (NSW)


Got the coupon in my email this morning.
Says for PYMBLE (NSW) store, but you can try if it works for you.

various codes - including Traditional Pizza for $8.95 pick up.

recently been going back to the old school taste:
thin crispy Hawaiian + thin crispy vegeroma
its very nice combo still!


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  • Holy moly, have traditional pizzas know become 9$ on coupons??? Shessh. It doesnt seem that long agao when they were like 4-5$.

  • Oh, gosh, you sure $9 is a good price for dominos pizza @pickup price?

  • Traditional/Chef's best are $7.90 pick up on cheaper Tuesday, value range $4.95 no code required

    95276 $7.95 Traditional/Chef's best for the rest of the week ;p

  • Oh, I see you're on Learner Licence here.

  • They just launched a couple of new Pizza's too

    Peri Peri Beef
    Peri Peri Prawn
    Peri Peri Vege & Feta
    Peri Peri Chicken

  • 84330 - I used this on Sat night to get 3 x Chef's Best = $21.95 (pick-up). With this voucher you can't order 1, 2, 4 or more pizzas. It has to be 3!

  • 10006 - Traditional pick up $7.95, expires 16/03
    72564 - Any 3 pizzas delivered, expired 16/03

    • the above code is definitely cheaper, anyone tried please let us know if it works in any perticular states.
      Cheers :)

  • 95276 $7.95 Traditional pizza stills works now in NSW