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COTD - Cuddlee the Blanket with Sleeves - $12.80 +8.95 Shipping = $21.75 TOTAL


These were a big hit last time they had them and I heard of many satisfied customers. As such I have already placed an order and you can to for about the next 21 hours.

Cuddlee the Blanket with Sleeves
Warm, polyester fleece
Easy care, machine washable
Large 130 x 170 cm size
Stay warming while browsing the net, watching TV or doing anything really!
Available in three colour options. Select yours using the dropdown menu at checkout.

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    • +9

      To quote Borat…..

      "Her virgin was like wizards sleeve"

      • It's funnier the way he phrased it…"her vagina was like sleeve of wizard"

        • +1

          yep funnier the way he phrased it :P "her vagine start to hang loose like sleeve of wizard"

  • +1

    oooh shocking, a competitor for the SNUGGIE! hehe

  • +1

    i'm ashamed to say i bought two… thought it would be good for the finance's b'day.

    not sure how good the price is compared to others so wont rate it.

    • hi wisc

      you might want to change that to fiance …

  • Big Hit?? Muahaha- only for for people who want to ruin their self esteem
    Do a You Tube search for 'snuggie' and enjoy the laughs :)

    • Haha I hace seen a few videos of them and they all look like idiots, but I meant users of this site, in the comments etc were shedding nothing but praise for these

      • were they all members of the same cult? :p

        • we can only assume so

  • arrggggghhhh….

  • +1

    I used mine last night.. great idea.. Instead of turning on the heater I snuggled up in my blanket.. and was able to channel surf without unpacking myself..

  • +1

    Pfft, everyone's ragging on the cuddlee, but I'm so glad that COTD brought it back. I missed it last time, and bought one this time! ^_^

  • +2

    They are a great present for mums and grandmas….they will normally cook you a nice roast in exchange for one

  • I saw the ad on tv for this and was wondering who would buy this?? Bloody hell they look ridiculous!!
    I think I can invent something better than this

  • +1

    Got one last time and it is awesome!!!

  • -1

    I rather a wearable Doona! way warmer then blankets :)

    • hahahahaaaa
      I would rather a wearable hot water bottle

  • I missed out!!!


    • Hopefuly they'll offer them again lol

  • Well reading reviews it seems that whilst this sounds good in concept, it may not be so great practically, mainly because it's so small. If I were to invest in one I'd get a decent size - 170cm is tiny.

  • +4

    The idea sounds ok, but have you seen the ad??? Who goes out in public in one of these? And to the sports of all things. Way to go making sure your kid gets beat up!

  • The Sunbeam Electric Throw is much better than this (though $95). A fleece blanket with an electric blanket built in. Very quick to heat up.

  • +4

    What ever happened to dressing gowns?

  • This by far the stupidest trend in my lifetime. Worst than that time Pogs became "in".

  • all sold out.

  • Haha I bought two… I think it will be handy at home, but I would NEVER be caught out in public wearing one! I bet the people who wera them outside also wear Crocs in public shudders

    • Said people should be strung up.

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