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Dominos $5.95 pickup (Sydney); see comments for interstate notes


FYI 07180 is good this weekend for my local in Sydney. Includes the two toppings changes and the $0.50 cashback afaik. My local rejected 5-6 others but accepted this code. Hope it helps.

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  • Just curious, why is it $6.95 for orders outside NSW?

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    I found this elsewhere and it gave that $6.95 interstate; if anyone finds it gives $5.95 in other states I'll happily edit it back to $5.95. I didn't want to just say $5.95 when it was noted as $5.95/$6.95. :)

    Of course there are likely to be many codes for $5.95 or elsewhere, so if this prices out as $6.95 then use a different one.

    It worked for me in Sydney. I figure sharing it might benefit readers.
    As you are in Sydney, let me know if it works for your local Dominos.

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      I just did a dummy order and it worked for me at $5.95 each. I also tried Essendon VIC and that store accepts it at $5.95 each as well. Interestingly, the code doesn't work for Carlton VIC and St Kilda VIC stores. I guess it's a case of try it and see.

      • nothing ever works for the Carlton and St. Kilda Store. They have the same owner btw.

        • My experience with the Carlton VIC store

          I used a $5.5 coupon to order the pizza in Carlton store last year, the coupon had gone through the internet ordering system, and moeny was taken from my credit card, but when I pick up the pizza, the manager refused to handover the pizza UNLESS I pay extra $1.4. The manager said they would sell the pizza for a minimum price of $6.9 and I was given two choice
          1. make up the difference to pick up the pizza immediately
          2. wait two weeks for the refunds back to my card.

          • @gstfree: That's bloody dodgy. Sounds like extortion almost! I wonder if there would be any point in contacting Dominos head office about your experience?

            • @GreenGuava: I did contact the head office, but they can do nothing except promise the refund ASAP.

          • @gstfree: I have to agree. It's probably one of the worst outlets.

            Their STUDENT PRICE pizzas are $7.90 , which is a total rip off.
            (anyway, if u want to get pizza's from the carlton outlet for $6.90, walk into the Bar of OXFORD SCHOLAR HOTEL, and ask for a "okitPal".)

          • @gstfree: Balcatta WA store is the same, they don't accept most codes. It really anoys me that this can happen, franchises should be forced to accept any voucher the head office produces.

            • @schede: This one was accepted by my local one after having five or six rejected; did you try this one? My only reservation in posting it is that it may be removed by 'mean' franchises which try to deny all codes. :(

              Please post your success with this particular code. I'd like to confirm that it's $5.95 everywhere.

          • @gstfree: Yeah I had the same experience with the Carlton store.

            The first time I paid $12.90 but got a call from the manager and he refused to honour the deal. But they didn't refund me the money.

            The second time (years later) I paid $5.50 for a pizza and same thing happened. They did refund me this time.

            The Carlton store is so terrible that it doesn't honour deals. It's fair enough if you don't allow codes to be used and have them revoked for that particular store BEFOREHAND, but you can't tell people that you don't accept a voucher AFTER it's been accepted and paid.

            • @cacbm: absolutely, I called the headquarter, which is of no use.

              • @gstfree: If the manager's tone was more polite and courteous and explained it nicely I would've been fine. However that manager was very rude and accused me of using "non-official" codes amongst other things.

                It made me so worked up I almost want to make prank calls for fake pizza orders!

                • @cacbm: absolutely agree, the manager is rude. I feel the guys working inside the store are not happy.

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                    @gstfree: the Carlton store manager / owner Craig is the biggest loser ever. He never accepts this offers & pays his delivery riders $10/hr before taxes.
                    The store is the best performer in Australia thanks to its ideal locations and proximity to student accommodations , that makes the owner even more arrogant.

                    I faced a similar issue once where the order went through online but we were made to pay the extra amount when we reached the store.

                    Morale of the story: I never visited a Domino's again. Plus there are countless of good Pizza stores on Lygon street or the Collingwood Pizza Hut has some pretty good deals and offer tastier pizzas.

                    Hope some1 from Domino's Hq reads these post & takes action against such franchisee's.

            • @cacbm: if he didnt provide the pizza after u had paid for them, and didnt provide a refund then thats asking for a lawsuit

          • @gstfree: Sounds like classic bait and switch to me, especially if you've PAID for the pizzas. Far worse than the Dell fiasco!

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    works @ burwood (VIC) store

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    Leederville store in WA won't allow a good proportion of codes advertised, but the Northbridge one is AWESOME. They'll take pretty much anything.

  • I would guess that all of the stores which don't accept online codes are franchise stores, whereas the others would be corporate/company-owned stores.

  • Hi Thanks for this post! I am in Perth WA and just got pizzas at $5.95 each ordered online!

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