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Fallout 3 - Xbox 360 AUD$42.50 Delivered! Game and JBs Both Have It at $110


Cdwow.com.au also have it for $50.95

I have used this uk site before and they are great - games usually arrive in about 7 days.

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  • Good find. Friend bought this for $50 or something from one of those playasia/cdwow websites last week.

    • Ok, I totally did not expect to be thanked for this posting - especially because I can't work out how to get a picture up.

      Thanks all the same.

  • I recommened this guys bought a dvd a few weeks ago, bought on Thursday, received the item on Tuesday.

  • Upmodding this; a friend of mine is lovin' Fallout 3 on his XBox.

  • Can anyone tell me if the fights are turn based or real time? I have issues using the thumbsticks to aim in any FPS so turn based would be preferable.

  • First posting in title - thats it

    Edit: Fixed…

  • They're real time, like an FPS. Or you can pause it and do a cool shot.

  • Good find; I'm waiting for the GotY edition though.

    • Bethesda didn't say anything about the release date, you'll have to wait a long time IMO.
      You better buy and play it now cause it's so much fun :D can't resist hehe.

      • Heh I'll wait, I still haven't started Oblivion. That'll keep my busy for a while.

  • I got little big planet from that site, pretty fast delivery and it comes in a nice package.

  • +1

    Cheapest I could find on Playasia was 62 plus postage. Forget CDWOW, they are the worst bait-n-switch pricks I have ever seen. This is a good price, even compared to ebay copies. Thanks for the post!

  • Cheapest I can find it A$39.51 (GBP17.89+GBP1.60=GBP19.49) from sendit.com, so there are cheaper places around. Should really do a brief search on http://www.cool360games.co.uk/ first. I've bought games from sendit.com before and they are great.

  • Is this going to work in my Australian 360?

  • Yes it will work, UK uses pal the same region as us.

  • Price has changed to £23.89.
    So thats around $50 now.

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