ALDI mobile plan discontinued from 1/4/14

My wife got a text message from ALDI stating:

'Your current plan will be discontinued after 01/04/2014 - improved plans and Acceptable Use Policy will apply! Go to to see our new plans.'

They're offering a $10/$20/$30/$35 plans but the maximum data you can get is 1GB, with an extra 1GB costing $10.

I presume this is all related to telstra squeezing them as they did Kogan? Given the continuing decline in value of these plans is it just easier to jump to boost or even telstra themselves (I assume this is what they want). Boost offer unlimited national calls/sms and 2GB data for $40.


Aldi Mobile New Plans:

S-$10 M-$20 L-$30 XL-$35
$10 credit $30 credit $65 credit $125 credit
- - 2200 SMS 2200 SMS
- 300MB data 1GB data 1GB data
  • 10c/min mobile/national calls (1 minute increment)
  • 10c SMS
  • 5c/MB data (1MB blocks)

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    back to looking for a good deal

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      yeah, as mention in other thread, the Telechoice Kogan offer isn't too bad

      But I'm tempted by the Telstra Family & Friends offer…$25/mth min for 1Gb + $10 credit + 32Gb iphone 5 (to sell).


        Thank you!!!!!
        I'm signing up for the $28 plan. $650 credit 2gb data, unlimited txt. I'm happy to sign up for 12 months. Plus it's on Telstra


        It's not a bad offer, if it behaved like a prepaid offer.

        I read the terms and conditions, and extra data usage is charged at 25c per MB. I know this is normal for plans, but not normal for prepaid. My Mum has (had) the Aldi plan, and accepts that when her data runs out, it cuts out completely. She doesn't have the technological capacity to check how much she has left at any given time. I hate to think of her surprise by being overbilled simply for liking my status a few times on Facebook (she's a Facebook junkie!)


    Apparently Amaysim have the same deal as boost but with 4GB?

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    There appears to be quite a few "annoyed" customers

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    When I looked at Vodafone years ago I thought very poor coverage.

    But now better coverage in the cities and with your credit, you can use to buy extra data without using your money.

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    But as with Aldi Mobile very hard to sign up as ID cannot be uploaded as they claim they didn't get it and you can only get more credit online.


    I had left rebbull to join kogan, made to leave kogan due to their shut down, kicked off aldi for sending too many messages when i-messages werent working, now i am currently with amaysim and it has been going well. but i realised that most of my usage comes from texting and data. so next time i know what to look for.

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    Going to recommend my gf go with boost.

    Data is important these days


      Boost meters per MB. That means if you just want to download one email, you're metered for downloading a quarter of an mp3.

      I went from downloading ~800 MB per month to "using" 4GB in 15 days.


    Looking for new plan.

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    Guys try the Amaysim unlimited plan. $40 for 4gb with unlimited calls/sms.
    Its on optus network and the only drawback is its 3G. However if you have a 4G phone for some reason you get this 3G + network which is a bit faster.

    Also its 50% off the first month which helps you transfer over.

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    this aldi plan change is so annoyng, I signed up bacause of the 5gb data and the unlimited voice calls was great too, they've since changed twice! I can't change to Optus because i get terrible reception with that carrier in my bedroom (was with Virgin before)

    "We will soon be launching some new plans which will give the ALDI community increased flexibility and better value for money" - it's not value for money aldi!

    Any other recoomendations?

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    This sucks!!

    Where is the ACCC? Obviously this is Telstra's doing.

    $35 plan = 5GB down to 2.5GB down to 1GB in less than 12 months!!!

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      There is no reason why the ACCC should or needs to get involved.

      ALDI offers a pre-paid offer, which they can change at any time.

      If you don't like their new deals, go elsewhere.

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        You don't think there is any corporate bullying from Telstra here?

        I suspect the Aldi deal was too good and caused lost too many customers for Telstra, so they limited their wholesale offering or bumped up the price.


    Guys I needed help!
    I'm with Aldi Mobile as well and with continuous changes which keeps "less value for what we pay for"
    I'm considering switching with a new provider as well but I can't find another provider offering cheap international calls and text compared to ALDI =(

    Any suggestions from you guys will be appreciated=)

    I'm calling to the Philippines every so often which I used a normal $15 from ALDI.(Just addtl info)


      Read my comments above in response to le3lee. I'm on their $10 plan and it includes 50 minutes of international call per month. I guess there is some referal bonus as well so we both can get $5 or$10 i guess..


    Is PASG (without data) still available?


    Guys I have found the best option is Lebara they currently offerting Unlimited for $29 with 2GB On "Unlimited Nation Plan".

    Leave Aldi, i am currently with Aldi and will leave in 5 Days as no point with sticking such a greedy Company and Telstra as well.

    The most greadiest compnay in the world is Telstra.

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    I say some body must put on Website like in past some one did for Vodafail, we should all put up voice against Telstra and Put a Website name Telstra Fail.

    Educate all the Aldi, Kogan users to bycot Telstra.

    By doing this Other Telcos will learn the lesson not to follow Telstra foot steps and donot underestimate customer power.


    I've been looking at Bendigo Bank Telco

    Inspire $39.90 4G Ready
    Data 3 GB
    Unlimited Standard Calls
    Unlimited SMS
    Unlimited MMS

    Anyone use them?


      that looks to be 24month contract.


      This is 24 Month Contract Only not prepaid or monthly package, so once you sign in you are locked doesn't matter how bad their service is, if you don't get signals right or good speed you screwed.


        Well there is only 3 cellular providers, so it's either voda, optus or telstra, so can't be that bad. Or u worried it's a voda?


    Sigh, signed up for the 5gig, now down to this. Shall be leaving next month when this bolt on ends that I just bought.

    Anyone know of a tariff with SMS and calls high with no data?

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    Summary of plans similar to Aldi's original plans

    I may have some of the details wrong, but here is a summary of plans that should satisfy those of us that were on the original Aldi/Kogan/Penytel/Redbull plans.

    Amaysim (Optus 3g) $40/month. Unlimited talk, Unlimited text, 4gb data ** see below**
    Telstra (Telstra 4g) $50/month. 450mins talk (eqiv based on $950calls credit, 3.8gb data (with a hack)
    Boost (Telstra Nextg) $40/month. Unlimited talk, Unlimited Text, 2gb Data.
    Aldi (Telstra 3g) $35/month, 1250mins talk, 1gb data.
    Bendigo Bank (Optus 4g) $40/month, unlimited calls, unlimited text, 2gb data. (24 month contract??)

    ** Im currently with Amaysim - I dont use the 4gb, but Ive always prefered the idea of real unlimited calls/text. You (and the host) get a $10 credit if you join up using one of the referal links hosted on Ozb here ->>

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      How did you get 450 minutes from $950 credit with the Telstra prepaid?

      It varies with the number of outgoing calls you are making… But the calling rate is 89c/min + flagfall, isn't it?

      Should be around 800-900 minutes roughly taking into account large call usage.

      Nice list by the way!


        whoops - I cant edit the original post now, but that was my estimate of the number of 2 minute calls (90c/min plus flagfall), so yes, its actually closer to 900 minutes. Sorry for the misinformation.

        For what its worth, I have today ported from Amaysim to Boost - the optus network just wasnt working for me, even though it is half the data allowance.


      UPDATE: Ive ported away from Amaysim (Optus) to Boost (Telstra) yesterday for coverage.


    first it was kogan, now aldi, whats next?? telstra is to blame!!


    I'm signing up for the $28 plan. $650 credit 2gb data, unlimited txt. I'm happy to sign up for 12 months. Plus it's on Telstra


    I'm with TPG(optus) 15 aud per month 1.5 GB of data, reception is ok


      Me too, not letting go of that deal anytime soon. Surprised at how much all the mobile plans have gone up.


    So what's the best value 4G plan?

    Vaya @ $45 per month with 2GB data looks okay.

    Any others worth noting?


      Is Vaya still Optus? Id vote for Telstras Encore prepaid. $50 for 3.8gb (1.8gb more for $5 extra on the Telstra network).

      Afterall, isnt this what Telstra has been aiming for?


        how is it $50 for 3.8GB?

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          Quote from;

          Take the $50 recharge. When you activate this at the beginning of your month, Telstra gives you $950 to spend on calls and messages, a stingy 800MB data and $50 credit. This extra $50 credit will be used on extra calls and data if you go over your allowance or you can spend it on Plus Packs.

          And this is where things gets interesting. If you click on the available Plus Packs, you’ll see that for $49 you can add an extra 3GB of data for 30-days. If data isn’t what your after, you could also use the same credit adding 500 extra SMS messages or 150-minutes worth of extra talk-time to the plan.

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      do not do vaya. they measure data per mb. i used 1.5 gigs in 5 days of moderate usage… whereas 1.5g usually suits me for a whole month when billed per kb.

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    Sound fishy…


      Agree. Unless he has heaps of apps updating often. Also might be having a lot of short internet sessions.

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    Hi Guys,

    I was with Aldi, but have found a very good alternative! Thanks to SMS123 for the info.

    Everyone's favorite deal is back.

    Available at store and online

    Has the iPhone as well

    IPhone 5 16gb for 10 Dollars Extra

    Comes with 1gb Data. 400 dollars of calls and excess data comes out of the 400 dollars

    Only 60c a min with 27c connection fee. And min spend is actually 10 dollars if you use 10 dollars of calls or less. You get a 15 dollar mro which is great value

    It's pre-paid (bar iphone5) so you can cancel at any time. Phone is on contract for 24 months.

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    I've been looking around to get off ALDI, but in the final analysis it's $40.00 a month or thereabouts for anything that more or less meets what I need.

    Sounds like collusion to me, but it's probably just good old competition which we know is so good for the consumer.

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    been out without Data since i've left home today. Unsure when it was affected from?

    tried calling them and they said they're experiencing network issues which is causing high volume of calls. I just hung up, no point waiting.

    My BF is listening to 3AW atm, and a lot of people are calling complaining about the plan change and network outage. 3AW will hopefully get an answer by 12 noon today.


      I was using an Aldi data service until 2am this morning and was out by 6am. The AldiMobile website has this to say;

      Outage notification: We are currently experiencing a network outage that is preventing some customers from accessing the Internet from their phone. We have escalated this issue and are working closely with our carrier to resolve it as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience, please be aware that call volumes are currently very high, please check back here for more updates.


    I'm using the pay as you go without "bolt-ons" just for phone. that isn't changing . which works for me :)

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    Well tomorrow is changeover day for Aldi Mobile. New diminished plans in place - for the second time. So who did everyone decide to go with? Or did you stay with Aldi?

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      I'd say most went to Amaysim for their 4gb and the rest to Boost for the Telstra network. Minority would have splashed out for telstra encore $50. I ended up on Optus $60/m for unlimited plus 15gb.

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      I went with Lebara. So far the data speeds have actually been faster


    Been with Aldi for 1 month. Not happy with data reduction. Going to Lebara. #5.00 cheaper ($30) and 2 gig data. Been on Vodaphone network before (Red Bull) and no problems

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