Nexus 4 screen

Hello OzBargainers,

Cracked my Nexus 4 screen and the touch is non responsive now. Before this, didn't drop my phone even once. Tried to find a cheap place to fix it but they all quoted me $165.00 - $250.00 which is crazy expensive when you can buy the brand new Nexus 5 for under $400.00.

It will be greatly appreciated if anyone here can let me know a cheaper place to get this fixed as I really love this phone. Thanks.


  • I guess smashed screen repairing is damn costly. Recently i was quoted $80 to fix screen of my HTC sensation at few places in Vic Market, Mel. Better buy new phone or second hand phone.

  • a new Nexus 5 will cost you $420.

  • I got mine fixed from lg repair store in auburn for $165. Although I think they used a 3rd party replacement screen because I can see the digital patterns when the phone is turned off.

  • Fix it yourself? How much are screens? I replaced the ear-piece speaker in my dads nexus 4. It was really easy.

    • Agreed - my wife's Nexus 4 had a broken screen & digitiser through getting dropped, and I sourced the part online and replaced it myself - YouTube is your friend :)

  • $165 isn't a bad price or else you can sell your broken phone on gumtree for extra cash

  • I've broken mine 3 times now, it's not necessarily easy and requires a heat gun to unbind the glass digitizer from the main chassis, but I have become fairly proficient at it now ;), If you inbox me I could repair it for you.

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