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Free Lickables Dog Treat (Free Sample Full Pack)


I completed this form a few months ago for a free sample of some dog treats. They sent me a full pack of their lickables range (salmon treats) for my dog, within a week so rather impressed but it completely slipped my mind to let others know about it but it appears to still be an active code.

I personally can't stand the smell of the salmon treats but my pup loves it.

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    My dogs love them. I got them the last time this was posted on ozbargain.

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    Free Lickables Dog Treat

    i tried licking my dog once…. wasnt much of a treat…

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      You licked the wrong spot

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      i bite my dogs … no joke

  • Thanks op!

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    Why dog lickables? Because it can.

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      Lmao, cracka comment!

      • because ita can
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    thank you .. but because of all these ozbargain treats.. my dog is OBESE ! (as advised by the vet!)

    • Hi SmiTTy,
      We have a range of all natural, low fat treats to suit weight conscious pooches, such as our new Fruitables Skinny Minis. Check them out here for more information: www.vcaworld.com/Fruitables/Products/Chewy
      Contact us at [email protected] if your interested in getting your pooches paws on some!

  • Our dog loved the salmon one. Just wish Petbarn stocked them.

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      Hi Happyblah,
      We hope to get Lickables 1 Ocean Bites back into Petbarn as soon as possible.
      Until then check out www.vcaworld.com/Lickables/Contact-Us for other Lickables 1 Ocean Bites stockists near you.

      • Hi awesome rep thanks for your participation.

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    ACA Pensioners will be rejoicing.

    • Because a quarter million Australian pensioners couldn't possibly be wrong!

  • My GF loves using these with the dog. Apparently they are really tasty and lickable.

    • your dog told you they were tasty?

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      What a "beast".

  • nice gag to play on 'friends'

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    Awesome. With the deal on the free Felix cat food sample, my girlfriend wont be hungry at the end of the month. Thanks OP!

  • I got the fish ones last time they were on ozb. The dog wouldn't go near them, they stink of fish and you can smell them from a mile away. Can only imagine how bad the dog would stink if it ate these.

    I just crumbled them up and added them to the burley for fishing.

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    I submitted the form without a photo upload.

    • So did I.

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      Me too. They ran out of the lickables and will send me the pegetables. Thanks Op.

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    Are these pensioner friendly?

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  • Just tried it now and the promo's ended

  • It worked for me - there was no error of any kind. Thanks!

  • ended!

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  • We got a Pegatables sample instead…definitely not a full pack, just one single (though rather large) treat. From the size, I was hoping it'd be a chewable, but it was gone in under ten minutes, lol..^^"

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