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10GB SSD cPanel Web Hosting $10/Year for Life @ HostRepublic


Hey guys, so just like I promised last time, this is the deal for the Ultimate plan, $10 a year (recurring) comes with:

10GB Disk Space (SSD)
100GB Bandwidth (monthly)
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Parked Domains
Unlimited Addon Domains
No SSH Access

And one very important feature: Softaculous
It saves you A LOT of time if you are installing scripts, like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla etc.

The coupon code works on Annually only.

The server is located in Chicago, and the speed is pretty acceptable from Sydney.

If you don't have a domain name yet, you are welcome to register through us, or elsewhere, as long as you update the nameservers correctly, it will work.

Also, I have been getting many duplicated questions, I have added a few Q&As in the knowledgebase, and I'll be adding more as I get more questions that are asked frequently.

There's a 15day money back guarantee, so if you're not happy with anything - let me know and you'll get your money back in a few hours. (Domain names are not eligible for a refund)

Please be careful if you go to another link on the site, come back and use this link so you don't get billed in USD.

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  • Hosting packages seem to be flavour of the day today. This one seems to be the best value. I have some questions…

    1. Is the 100Gb bandwidth per month or per year?

    2. Do I definitely NEED a domain? I just want the hosting to play with Joomla and try out different modules, extensions etc. I had hosting once that didn't need an actual domain.

    Thanks for posting

    • I'm interested to know the answer to these questions too.

      • The answers to the questions:
        1. Per month
        2. To be honest, you can put a fake domain and it will still work fine. (The fake domain won't work, but in the order confirmation email, you'll get the temporary URL, so that's what you can use to access the site.)

    • Correct me if I'm wrong, instead of a domain, you can typically do this:

      • That's right.

  • USD$10 or AUD$10 ??

    • It's AUD though the link provided.

  • Hi
    I want to migrate everything from my existing cpanel webhost to your webhost.
    Can I migrate to your webhost by providing my cpanel full backup file?

    • Sorry, right at this moment migration is not offered :(

  • +1

    Just curious, does SSD really offer anything over HDD in the world of hosting, surely overkill/hype?

    I know nothing about such matters so I'm probably not getting the awesomeness of it.

    • +2

      Honestly from my experience I haven't really seen any difference.
      It pretty much just sounds better and people would rather get SSD if the price difference is not huge.

      I'd say probably a few ms difference when loading, no one is really gonna notice it.
      CDN (Cloudflare) technology is gonna make a bigger difference.

  • So far so good. I made a mistake when ordering (had my VPN switched o, so billing country & IP were not matching), ordered again but got USD billing - VERY fast response from support and original account closed / refunded and set-up again.

    cPanel is complete including Clourflare, SEO tools, …

    • Thanks for the order!

  • +1

    I like that the store rep is giving honest answers that agree with the correct technical answer, even if it means less revenue :)

    • I'd rather be honest with my clients so they now what they are getting ;)
      (and less issues in the future as well)

  • Could this be used as a seed-box or would this be naughty? I understand that 100GB a month isn't much but it's enough for what I need.

    • Unfortunately no, VPS would suit you better.

  • Can I import my own SSL certificates or do I have to buy one through hostrepublic?
    How much RAM can I have for PHP?

    • around 200M is the default.
      You can actually change that yourself in cPanel (the file upload size limit can be changed too, the default is 2mb)

      • Thanks, I take it for the first question response is "you have to buy SSL through us and it is expensive as hell!"

        • +1

          Uh sorry I forgot to reply to that question!
          I'm not selling SSL at the moment so you have to import your own :P
          SNI is enabled on the server so you don't need a dedi IP for it.

  • Do you have an acceptable usage policy link?

    e.g, acceptable file formats, maximum file size, cpu usage limits, types of web sites allowed.

    Many of the free sites I've used before had terms like, "cannot run longer than 30 seconds", or "5% cpu usage", etc.

    • What are you using the server for? I hope you're not going to abuse it and ruin it for others.

      • Mix of technical programming and personal blog. Will be attaching zipped code samples/compiled binaries.
        Also plan to host a gallery (e.g, photos from conferences and events)

        I've come across some Wordpress plugins that occasionally spike the cpu.
        Was definitely a problem with free providers (ie x10hosting and freehostia).

        File size is another limit I'm watching out for, due to image sizes.

        • Can I suggest for storing images and downloads to put them on a free amazon web services (aws) s3 account.

          It will take the load off the server and speed up you website load times. There are plugins that auto upload and link to the aws storage.

          This is a pro ninja trick to increase visitor retention as nobody like a slow website. It'll also allow your website to scale for more users.

    • There's no set values on file formats and CPU usage (but obviously if your website is too resource hungry it will affect other websites, then I'll probably inform you about it).
      You can have a look at the TOS for more details, basically porn and illegal sites are not permitted.

      Maximum file upload size is 4GB in cPanel, but no one is gonna put something that big… it takes too much time to upload.
      (and you can change the PHP upload size limit yourself as well, I think max 512MB)

  • I have a plugin that will be hosted separately that needs access to the MySQL databases. Is this possible on HostRepublic? My current web host doesn't allow remote SQL connections.

    • That is allowed, in cPanel you are able to add hosts to access your MySQL.

      • The plugin will be on a game server. It wont be running off of a domain name. Can I add IP's to access it?

        • Yes.

        • Thanks rep.

        • UPDATE: Remote access is disabled so it can match the security standard to store CC details, so it's not available on this server, I'm very sorry about this.
          (I have just refunded you)

        • Have seen your response to the support ticket I made. You were obviously under the impression it was available as you wouldn't of bothered letting me purchase just so you could refund me later. I do appreciate the refund and will still recommend this deal to everyone here. A little disappointed, but definitely satisfied with the level of support you are giving everyone.

          +1 from me

  • Rep do I get shell access or cpanel only?

    • cPanel only

      • ah ok, i'm after shell. thanks for the reply.

  • Would this be suitable for a small social network site including original adult content, member logins & matching, forums, chat scripts and / or embedded IRC? The terms of service don't seem to preclude this. Would be using Drupal…

    • Adult content is not allowed on this server unfortunately, neither is IRC (I think I forgot to put IRC in the TOS, I'll update that soon).
      So yeah, unfortunately this particular service is probably not suitable for your needs.

  • Thanks rep. I'll be giving your service a go. Your attentive service on this page is fantastic - keep it up!

    • Thanks!

  • Looking to try and mirror my existing site to yourselves :

    Can I do ssh and rsync? It references CRON jobs which I know can be scheduled via cPanel once you're confident the command lines are working.

    If not - any other way you could suggest to set-up a mirroring solution?

    • The description says no SSH is included.

    • That's the only solution I know, but right now SSH is not available, unfortunately.
      I might be launching something more advanced in the future (like SSH enabled etc), when I get a server that allows me to have root access.

      • And NgineX / Lightspeed :p

        • +1

          that's indeed right ;)

  • -1

    is the $2.5/y plan still available?

    • The coupon actually has 1 use left at the moment, so you can sign up with it.

  • Done, and I registered a domain with you too. Now to take over the world!

    • We are all gonna take over the world!

  • Is there IMAP, or only POP e-mail? Thanks for the answers, signed up last night for a more tame domain I own LOL.

    • There's IMAP as well.

  • Hi Rep, I've never had my own web sites before. So I just want to try is and see. It would be better to have one from your previous deal, which might be over by now if the one above has already taken the last one.
    Still I am ok to try this and see what I can do with this.
    I don't have a domain and no need to register one at the moment as I just wan to try this. However to get through your product selection page to buy this, I have to give a domain name. How can I buy without having one already. What should I enter there? (anything?)

    • pretty much anything, like rmamila.com etc.
      and if you wanna change the domain in the future, that is doable as well.

  • Thanks Rep, just bought this, great deal for life!

    I have a domain with someone else that expires in a couple of months. Is there any advantage to transfer it to you now, or should I wait till it expires?

    • +1

      Domain names are generally quite flexible, there's no real need to transfer it right now. Just remember to transfer or renew it before expiration.

      • Thanks!

  • can this host multiple domains or just a single domain?

    • One main domain to register, and unlimited add-on domains.

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