Deus Ex and Splinter Cell Blacklist - Wii U - 2 for $40 at EB Games (amongst others)

I was just in at EB Games and they appear to have a new sale on which isn't referenced anywhere on their website as far as I can see. I only took a look at the Wii U games, but there was some decent pricing on some of the items (wasn't sure if it was deal worthy, but certainly worth at least listing). Titles in the 2 for $40 category included:

Batman Arkham City
Darksiders 2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Directors Cut
Lego Batman 2
Rabbids Land
Splinter Cell Blacklist
Scriblenauts Unlimited

Some of them are cheaper elsewhere at the moment (Batman Arkham City and Rabbids Land at Target for instance) but I hadn't seen lower prices on Deus Ex or Splinter Cell Blacklist, not even on the import sites.

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  • Deus Ex is a good buy… but to combo it with something decent…. Was Rayman Legends eligible for that deal? (all of PS3 and 360 versions were marked as 2 for $40?)

    It'd be good if Pikmin could be snagged in this deal.

    • Rayman Legends was in the 2 for $50 group unfortunately - though you may be able to work something out (other titles I spotted in the 2 for $50 included NBA2K13, Just Dance 4 and Marvel Avengers - no great deals unfortunately).

  • That's dissapointing, i'd give it a miss, Dues Ex would probably be worth 13-19 at target soon anyway.

    Maybe I saw Resident Evil revelations Wii U for $20 (2 for $20) aswell? Very rare to find it though.

  • I saw Splinter Cell Blacklist for $19 at Game traders Highpoint on the weekend.

  • That's a good deal but I just bought ZombiU and I have a bunch of other games that I need to finish, but has anyone seen Wonderful 101 cheap? I kind of bought a Wii U for it but I'm too stingy to pay $80 for it (though I saw it at $60 at Costco).