[April Fools] FREE Mighty Burger Mouth Expander and Mighty Burger Meal Upgrade at KFC

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KFC is giving away free mouth expanders. They've developed a unique tool which you can put in your mouth, to slowly stretch it wider enabling you to fit more (burger) inside. The Mighty Burger stands a glorious 62mm tall. The average human mouth only opens to 49mm. So we needed to gain - on average - an extra 13mm.

Chew/bite resistant
Soft pH neutral dental silicone
Spring compression made with stainless steel and titanium
Dishwasher safe
Suitable for all ages

1 Using both hands, compress the Mighty Mouth Expander and hold at entrance of mouth - careful to position top and bottom correctly.
2 For best results, use for 3 hours per day. Sessions should be no longer than 45 mins each. It is not recommended to sleep with the Mighty Mouth Expander in place.
3 With the extra mouth clearance you can now get maximum enjoyment from our Mighty burger.

Claim your free mouth widener now. Only limited numbers, and only available today!

Follow the prompts to receive the free meal upgrade

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  • what. the. (profanity)

    • +11

      May be used to expand other things? rectum stretcher for the tight arse?

      Good ozbargainer deal

      • -1

        I wonder what 'Amazing Ty' thinks of this deal?

  • Kinky

  • omg yes!

    Sadly probably only available until noon today, 1/04/2014

  • +1

    Well in all fairness, there is a free meal upsize

  • These are seconds, they used to be used at the Daily Planet in Elsternwick…

    • jv has one?? :-)

  • Apparently the mouth piece doesn't exist, that's why it says April fools on the Web Page.

    • +2

      Ya think?

    • +5

      Apparently the mouth piece doesn't exist

      I doubt that, it's on the internet…

    • +3

      Take 'em to the ACCC

  • How much is the mighty meal at KFC ?

    • Approx $10, but don't bother the only thing mighty about it is the disappointment.

      • Actually… take KFC receipt off table. Do survey, write code onto receipt.

        Go to counter, order BURGER for $7.50 (in QLD). Hand over receipt, get chips and drink too! Incredible value then!

  • +2

    but..they've revolutionised the Gut Stretcher

  • -1

    They should rather give out stomach pumps.

  • No…just no

  • +1

    would be funny if they made it an actual product like the Maxibon guys did with their manchew and fanny-pack esky.

  • +1
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