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FREE: 130 Classical Baroque CD Albums for Download


130 TITLES *** No Sign Up or Email Required ***

We've been recording and enjoying baroque music for fifty years, and we want more people to have this wonderful experience. So we're offering our complete catalogue as FREE downloads. If you'd like to make a contribution, see bottom of the linked page. Thank you!

Note: 1st 2 CDs - ORYX 5012 & ORYX 5045 - appear to have broken links, but the rest seem fine. Enjoy!

EDIT 09/04/14 8:10am: Expiry removed, as link is working again.

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    wow. nice post TA

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      Thanks cornbeef. Just listening to some tracks from BMC6 on my iPad and never thought I could enjoy classical music as much as I am right now. So bloody relaxing!

  • +53

    This is just the kind of music I can listen to when I have spent all my money on other bargains and now I am baroque

    • I saw what you did there. :)

    • +20

      Too much Chopin? I can't Handel money, either!

    • +13

      this is definitely on my listz to download once i got bach

    • +6

      Keep that up and somebody's going to get the Schutz and Youll get Beethoven your head with a Hammerschmidt. (I'd buy that for a Dolar)

    • +6

      Wow - 130 albums! I'm Orff to get some! I might have to come Bach a few times….maybe Offenbach….

      • +3

        The Strauss, I cant Handel it, Need a Messiah.

        • +1

          What a great Liszt of puns.
          I hope no one gets annoyed at them and feels the need for violins.

    • I always say if it ain't baroque don't fix it!

  • Great post. What an offering from this record label!
    Anyone that isn't into classical music, here's a pretty good way (ie free) to try some out.
    This is timely for any ABC Classic FM listeners, they are about to take a survey of listeners' Top 100 Baroque and before…

    • +9

      FYI you have to download each track individually and the ones I've checked out so far are 128kbps mp3

      • Agree with snapper's comment. No full CDs, only individual tracks - would take forever to do manually. Title of post therefore somewhat misleading.

        • +2

          Track by track downloading can probably can be got around with an add-on like downthemall.

        • Or Jdownloader. Just install and run it. Then open each album page, right-click on each song link and hit "a" on the keyboard (in firefox anyway) to copy the link. This adds the link to Jdownloader. After adding all the albums you want, go to Jdownloader, right-click and select "Continue With All".

          The problem is, the album I just did that with to check I was typing the right instructions… 90% of the links were dead. The first three album URLs I clicked on were dead also.

      • +3

        Oh my! I won't even listen to pop in 128kbps, let alone classical!
        Looks like I rushed upvoting the deal…
        Just glad I haven't jumped in and started donloading everything only to find out the quality is sh!t.
        Why would this label ruin 50 years of hard work by their musicians, engineers and producers by doing this is beyond me.

        • +1

          I think they still want you to buy the CDs.

          The mp3s are just like the samples.

        • a lot of people listen to comparable, even worse quality on the radio — AM Radio is equal to ~32 kbps and FM is ~128kbps, albeit they're not compressed waveforms like MP3s. Of course it goes without saying, this is nothing like CD quality.

  • WoW!
    Just was listening to J. S. BACH Brandenburg Concerto 4
    Thanks TA, Its a huge collection
    Wish had a link to download the chunk at once!
    its more than 500 tracks to click and download I guess but some broken links though

  • Nice, thanks, enjoying it now :)

  • +26

    Power up your download managers, here are over 1000 links for you from their site : )

    • thank Derp

      • +9

        That's over 10GB of music!
        I've updated the list to remove samples and dead links.

        • wow. great work.

    • +1


      • "CANNIBAL?" Iz dat means u ounly eat osbarcainers?

    • +1

      Cheers. Can you recommend a download manager to feed these into?

      • +1

        Firefox: DownThemAll

        Was smart enough to pick up only the mp3 files and took seconds to get going.

    • See my Jdownloader tip above, together with this link. Just hit CTRL A (select all) on your keyboard and then CTRL C (copy).

  • +2

    Nice opportunity to get some free music but with them only being mp3 quality your missing out. Now if they were FLAC…then this would be the freebie of month, year even.

    • +2

      Agree. Lossy 128k MP3. But considering its free. Can't complain. Bare in mind you can buy great full HQ digital classical CDs around $2 a pop from most of the discount stores and department stores anyway.

      Did notice track 2 and 4 links swapped on BMC 1. And still have to capture text from each CD for complete track listing and album info. Since there is no back cover art to accompany each cd.

      • pet - hate, you carry it in your mind, not get naked with it - BEAR in mind
        Apologies for the interruption and now back to your regular programming

    • +4

      There was a Kickstarter project to produce an open/free version of Bach's Goldberg Variations. Specifically it is under the Creative Commons Zero License - and released into the public domain.
      You can download FLAC 96KHz/24 bit versions (and MP3). You can also download the score.

      Another Kickstarter project, Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier should be completed soon.

      BTW, I wonder if you upload these Baroque albums to Google Music then the music match facility will give you 320Kbps versions…

      • Nice. Some people may also enjoy Glenn Gould's work, particularly the Bach variations.

        • Goldberg variations - 1955 and 1983
          both famous version.
          And he's a famous musician…..partly for being slightly nutty.

  • I didn't think anyone listened to 'real music' nowdays. Well, except for myself and 2 upper middle class people I know. Classical music is so unpopular that people can rarely be bothered to pirate it.

    I find Baroque to be very good background music since it is relatively calm ,bright and doesn't have large fluctuations in volume. However, there are some Italian groups who like to play Baroque music (especially Vivaldi) at breakneck pace.

    As pointed out, 128kb Mp3 is a bit low, VBR 2 or 192 kb MP3 would be the best compromise between size and quality. Of course there are some conoisseurs who go apoplectic at the mention of lossy music formats.

    • +1

      I have nothing against lossy per se. In fact 320 kbps is also lossy but I would dare anyone to tell the difference between that an a FLAC, which is 3 times the size. I can however hear the difference between 192 kbps and 320 kbps - the former impedes my enjoyment of music, which is exactly why I picked a Spotify subscription over Rdio's as much as I liked Rdio's interface.

  • +1

    I thought they were offering free BARBEQUE music…

    • +4

      Yes, this is barbeque music.

  • +3

    Can't Handel the load of all those download managers. Greedy people at the barbeque. Take all you can eat and eat all that you take, otherwise please Bach off.

    • +3

      Don't Strauss over it. Hopefully it will be Bach soon

      • as the tracks are (were) only 128kbit/s, does that mean that their bytes are worse than their Bach?

  • Is this still working? Every link/cd cover seems to be a dead link.

  • I wonder how many people would skip baroque music at any other time (because they're unlikely to listen to it) but would download it because it's posted here ;-)

  • Thanks for this, a great way to start and finish a collection in one hit :P

    I tried to get on the baroque train yesterday, but the site had been OzBd into oblivion. This morning though it was up and running nicely.

  • Thanks!
    and thanks Username3RR0r for the links! left wget downloading the list yesterday and had 9G+ downloaded this morning.

  • Thanks tightarse this is great… Although I do hold you personally responsible for the long string of very bad jokes that followed.

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