FREE: Watch Chinese Live TV, Dramas, Movies, News, Music on iPad/iPhone with vChannel iOS App

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Download vChannel from the iTunes store.

Then simply add these URLs (channels) to the app for a stack of free live & recorded Chinese TV shows, Movies, News, Music etc in HD:

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    Extremely laggy with those channels unfortunately :(

    • Get better broadband. Mine's fine.

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        Some channels seem to work and some a little laggy but still good. Thanks OP

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    Oh gosh. My mother will never get off the iPad now!

  • Thanks op. Watching American TV with Chinese subs

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    android equivalent? tried to install zixi rss video player - says link above not valid?


    Can do the same on pc but don't know why got 30 mins delay with the potplayer, since they use the same link.

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      need advice on how to do this on pc

  • Thanks TA- have been looking for a while for something like this

  • yeah, would like to know if android equivalent exist too

  • thanks heaps…really great…anymore channels?

  • nice thanks!

  • Thanks op - you're a star ! Impressed by the Hollywood films , 60 minutes and Sesame Street !

  • thanks TA!

  • will have a try

  • +1

    Having issue watching TVB lately keep stopping by itself.

    Anybody have the same issue?

  • works great, however I am still seeking equivalent app to use on android..

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    Now available on google play store for android too

    • Awesome, thanks man!

  • Also chromecast support now.

  • Does this still work ?

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