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$1 Whopper Day at Hungry Jack's Thursday 15 May [Mt Gravatt, QLD ONLY]


Hey OzBargain, spotted this poster at HJ's Mt Gravatt [QLD] tonight while getting a $1 froke. I can't confirm if it's nationwide, but given the nature of the promotion I'd venture that it would be. If people could check with their local HJ's that would be good as this could be just a franchise promotion. UPDATE: I called HJs and unfortunately it's only at this one store. It's next to the Shell outside Garden City for anyone wondering.

Bring your friends along, get your free angry onions and other deliciously free toppings and have a superbly cheap lunch (and dinner, and late-night snack).

Let me know if I have missed any details as I haven't posted many deals before.


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  • Hmmm frozen coke is still $1? I've seen signs say its $2.. and the sour watermelon flavor is $1?

    • They're doing the mcfloat equivalent which is $2, and XL frocokes for $2 as well. I'm in Qld though so YMMV.

      Edit: yea watermelon is the same price, but I have to admit it's not my favorite!

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          fixed ;)

      • Still prefer the fronta (frozen fanta lol) raspberry.
        The fanta can be consumed in larger quantity without issue (taste wise)

  • Is that the HJ next to Garden City, on Kessels road?

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      Correct, at the servo.

  • how many will they allow you to buy at once?

    • Probably one per person, can't see a problem with going back for another though.

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        Circle work around the drive-thru is in order.

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    Hrmmm gonna go to my local HJ's tomorrow and have a look. If this is correct hopefully McD still have their $2 McMuffins so I can pick a cheap brekky and a cheap lunch and a bad tummy ache all in one day. :)

    • Field report?

      • Will do in about an hour when I go home from work.

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          Don't worry I've already called. No dice it's just the one store.

    • Sigh sad to say not in my local HJs.

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    wow I've picked a good time to bulk, twisters,grill'd sliders,dominos,burritos, connoisseur on sale and now $1 whoppers?

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      That's 100% an OzBargain diet

    • Did you miss the magnums?

    • As an aspiring ozbargainer, what's this about twisters?

      • Free twisters were given out via a facebook promo last week or so.

  • 1 per person? If not, (profanity) it, it's off day for me.

    • Just ordered 11 FYI. I know, it's only the one store, but good times had. :)

  • Are angry onions really free, and what other free toppings can you get?

    • Varies from franchise to franchise. YMMV.

    • I am also curious to know how we can check if angry onions are free? Any info would help. Thanks.

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        Just ask them to put it inside the burger and see if they say it will cost extra. If they do then u can feign surprise and change your mind. Like how places might charge you for ketchup.

        If your successful enjoy and next time ask for more condiments.

        • I consistently get onions, beetroot, tomato and lettuce at my local.

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    damn I wish I still had a 20s stomach.

    Can't handle junk as much nowadays

  • Do whoppers freeze ok?

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      With our current knowledge of theoretical physics, there is no possible action that can make a Whopper taste any worse…. so you should be fine.

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      Yeah, as long as you don't want to eat it later.

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      With winter coming I'm assuming you are thinking $1 snow balls?

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    Can anyone confirm this is nation wide?

    • Yeah please guys just drop by your local and ask!

  • Think it's queensland only, checked 5 stores in sydney and had no signage.

    • Just called, only the one store :(

  • A reminder that this is on today.

    • Thanks I almost forgot!

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