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PRICELINE $3 off 1L of Listerine Mouthwash


$3 off 1L Listerine mouthwash & Reach brush or floss!
$5 off Prestige Skin Loving Mineral Make-up!
$4 off all Covergirl eye products!
$3 off Australis face make-up!
BONUS Neutrogena travel size Cleanser! with any Neutrogena make-up removal range purchase

I just received this in my email, as I buy my toiletries at Priceline (much cheaper than Coles/Safeway).
Must present Priceline Clubcard (free to register) upon using of voucher.

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    Mmm $3 off mouth cancer is an offer I simply can't refuse.

  • Listerine causes Mouth Cancer, it's true.

    Priceline has (or did have about 2 days ago) ORAL-B "Tooth & Gum Care" Mouthwash for $5. 500ML, Made in Columbia. This does not have any alcohol in it, so will not cause Mouth Cancer.

    I suggest people buy this.

    There is no reason to have Ethanol or any other alcohol in Mouthwashes in 2009. They only add it give it that "clean mouth" feeling, but it causes mouth cancer.

  • Speculation is easy. Research isn't that hard either.

    From an article biased towards the link between Listerine and mouth cancer:

    However, Professor Laurence Walsh, head of the School of Dentistry at the University of Queensland today said their was no established link between mouthwash and oral cancer.

    In a letter to the editors of the journal, Professor Walsh criticised the authors of the paper for drawing on a "small and selective group of studies".

    "A wide range of critical and systematic reviews over many years have failed to show any statistically significant association between mouthwash use and oral cancer," he said.

    "There is certainly nothing in the current paper to change our thinking in that regard."


    From an article biased against the link between Listerine and mouth cancer:

    As for Listerine, the most exhaustive analysis to date, published in August 2003 in the Journal of the American Dental Association, concluded: "It is unlikely that the use of mouthwashes that contain alcohol increases the risk of developing cancer". They looked at nine studies, six of which flat-out concluded there was no link between mouthwash and cancer. Of the remaining three, one proved incorrect on a follow-up and the others suffered from clear sample bias. For example, many users of mouthwash are smokers — if the study doesn't control for smoking, what good is it?


    As for the bargain:
    $3 off Reach floss would have been a great bargain…

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      Well noted, lmh86.

      In any event, I don't like alcohol in my mouthwash - I like it in my alcohol.

    • Why even have in there at all though? When there have been studies suggesting it leads to mouth cancer, and the alcohol actually does nothing towards killing bacteria, why not just get rid of it or buy a product without it?

      • Again:


        The alcohol in Listerine mouthwash is added to dissolve the other ingredients, and to aid penetration of oral plaque on the teeth.


        Both the American Dental Association (ADA) and the United States National Cancer Institute (NCI) agree that the alcohol contained in antiseptic mouthwash is safe and not a factor in oral cancers. Studies conduced in 1985,[9] 1995,[10] and 2003[11] summarize that alcohol-containing mouth rinses are not associated with oral cancer.


        The alcohol in Listerine isn't what makes it an antimicrobial rinse, Listerine contains essential oils such as menthol and thymol, these ingredients help kill the gingivitis causing germs in the mouth. The alcohol content of listerine is used to hold the essential oils as a stable solution.


        The alcohol kills bacteria. In the hospital we have alcohol hand wash that we use in between hand washing. It is more effective than washing your hands, but I still prefer soap and water when I accidentally touch something I want OFF my hands.


        Alcohol denatures proteins killing the bacteria. Hence it is included in mouth wash. Thats also the reason why spirit is used to disinfect wounds.

        On second thoughts, maybe it gets the bacteria drunk, disoriented and addicted to the alcohol, so that they stop working(ie, destroying your teeth) ;-)

        This is simple quote mining, and none from any reputable medical journals. Some quotes here even contradict each other. Check out the sources yourselves to see more arguments for both sides of the issue.

        Note: I'm not promoting Listerine. I am well aware of its rather confused history of being used as a surgical antiseptic, floor cleaner, and cure for gonorrhea and dandruff. I am merely pointing out the the information is there for those who actually want answers, rather than be content with idle speculation and media sensationalism.

        I, personally, will not jump onto the anti-Listerine bandwagon until there is empirical evidence (or court ruling; the two don't always agree) that alcoholic mouthwash can cause oral cancer, just as most picketers on this issue will continue to drink alcohol or smoke, despite emprical evidence (and legislation—read your cigarette packet) existing to connect those habits with more dire health issues.

        Now, these comments have moved well away from the bargain! Does anyone know how much the Listerine + floss costs? A $3 saving is well and good, but only in the context of a percentage saving. Also, all the other offers are for womens' beauty products…

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          And AGAIN, when there are arguments in both directions, why even take a chance when their is no benefit?

          Not exactly sure what your vested interest is, but you're clearly taking this much more seriously than I am.

          • @itsross: For any issue, there will be at least two sides. My "vested interest" is in making informed product decisions. You've presented no evidence for your position beyond speculation.

            My intention is definitely not to promote Listerine, or even to convince anyone to use alcoholic mouthwash. Put simply, your regurgitation of unsubstantiated media hype made me cringe.

            I guess a simple Wikipedian [citation needed] might have sufficed.

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            @itsross: itsross, I think you're off the mark.

            lmh86 has provided some interesting information, which he (presumably he) caveated with:

            This is simple quote mining, and none from any reputable medical journals. Some quotes here even contradict each other. Check out the sources yourselves to see more arguments for both sides of the issue.

            I don't see any vested interest in that.

            And AGAIN, when there are arguments in both directions, why even take a chance when their is no benefit?

            Those links/quotes spell out the ostensible benefit.

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    Have anyone uses the Listerine toothpaste? I love it, coz its like 2 in 1! Well, great for lazy people like myself. Anyway, I din't know about alcohol in toothpaste or mouthwash is connected to mouth cancer! I myself uses sensodyne. Well, it's great I learnt something out of posting this deal! Thanks for the info guys. Much appreciated.

  • On the topic of toothpaste, I understand that Colgate whitening toothpaste works by removing enamel off your teeth. Beware of this because once the enamel is gone, there is no getting it back. And even at a reduced level of enamel, you leave your teeth open to attack from things such as sugar in soft drinks etc.

    Just what I heard from a dentist.

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