Federal Budget 2014 Discussions - how are you affected?

Interestingly there hasn't been a discussion on this evening's Federal Budget. Sydney Morning Herlad has summarised a list of winners and losers. Yes there will be a lot of cuts on both high end and low end, and the reduced expense will hopefully steer Australia back to surplus one day.

However instead of talking boring politics, maybe we can discuss how this budget will affect you individually? For my family it's probably "annoying but not a big deal".

  • Already pay more than $7 for GP visit as there's almost no bulk-bill GPs in my area
  • Earn way less than $180k
  • However never got FTB B either
  • Still a few decades before turning 70
  • Increased fuel levy might hurt us a bit

How is the federal budget affecting you & your life style? Would that make you spend more or less time on OzBargain?

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    Budget ftw! I am a Ballerina
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    Not affected at all
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    It pains a little but I'll survive
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    It hurts and I have to significantly adjust my life style
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    It is killing me!
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    Budget wtf! Engage bikie!


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    Too many to list.

    Here is a post that sums up plenty of the downsides:
    The AIMN

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    The worst I'm worried is the chain reaction, petrol increase, causing transportation cost increase, petrol transportation cost increase link to another petrol increase and so on…….

    in between those requires transportation, would increase too, food etc……

    same for electricity and water, electricity and water increase, good and service increase, inflation increase (CPI increase), electricity and petrol increase…….

    took a while for the dust to settle into equilibrium………

    • took a while for the dust to settle into equilibrium…

      Yes the true effect might take a while to notice. Less disposable income might also drive down retail, and federal fund-cutting might drive states to push up GST. Meanwhile, governments come and governments go, never forget to blame the previous one for all the turbulence.

  • bring on the fuel saving tips!

    • yeah, the greens asked everyone to cycle - but tyres came from petroleum, so you have to walk…. consequences? slow down the economy further

      • problem in WA is you can't walk, cycle , or even taking public transport to almost anywhere..almost worse than some third world cities…all we know here is investing in some useless road build

        • nothing stop my ex collegue to jog from Success suburb to the city to work everyday! rain or no rain……

        • good for him/her…but can't say many are that desperate..

        • he just likes it for some reason and he is wealthy not desperate……he never owns a car for almost 20 years.

        • +1

          No offence, but he just sound like a weirdo to me….especially for someone who lives in WA..

        • Why doesn't he pay for a subscription to a gym, drive to it and run on a machine there?

          He's even killing two birds with one stone (transport to/from work and exercise)!

          This guy could be dangerous.

        • Actually I have to disagree. I've been in Perth for over 10 years, have riden to work every day. I have found it to be one of the most bike friendly citys I have ever experienced in Australia. And they are contually expanding the bike routes and facilities. Public transport is an issue, I'd agree on that. Thats probably why I bike it around so much….

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    People go on about the $7 doc fee, but blood tests are also being dropped from the bulk bill! Thats going to hurt

  • -2

    I feel really sorry for young people, harder to get unemployment benefits, harder to get disability, and tertiary study will now cost a fortune. The Liberals felt they could get away with this because almost all young people are Labour & Greens loving socialists (at least in my experience). However, hurting aged pensioners was an idiotic idea since a lot of them are normally conservatives voters. Grey power isn't a joke. All someone has to do to win the next election is for a party (eg PUP) to offer to restore all of their benefits. Maybe some of these young people will turn to crime - knock off a convenience store and you will be provided with free food, accomodation, healthcare and homosexual stimulation for the next few years courtesy of the government.

    Notice that the pain isn't spread equally. Politicians get a pay free for 1 year, and ultra rich people only have to pay an extra tax for 3 years. However poor people like pensioners will take a permanent hit, such as the indexing of pensions being lowered. For poor people, the cost of living over the past 10 years has been rising much more than 1.5% per year (rates, housing, electricity, food seem to increase 10% a year).

    Extenting the "Slave Labour" programme is pointless, since unemployed people aren't doing real jobs with real experience. Studies have shown these programs do not help unemployed people, they are simply designed by vindictive politicians to punish, degrade and humiliate them. They also create a lot of jobs for white collar parasites who rort the system they administer.

    How about this instead: Train all of the able bodied employed and the Refugees and have them build useful infrastructure like roads and the NBN, install solar panels, mow and tend to parks, etc. Why should third generation Australians be coerced into these 'Work for the Dole' programmes when CRIMINALS who enter the country illegally don't have to participate. Unlike legal migrants, who are often very motivated and talented, refugees are the bottom of the barrel, their only skills be the ability to cash in welfare checks, and to have lots of children. Refugees dream of a socialist utopia where the government provides them with everything they need, food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education for their children, and they don't have to do a thing in return. Under the ALP, this is how things were, an open Borders Australia. Break the law and spend the rest of your life in Paradise - so much for the saying "Crime doesn't pay". If you are upset about Liberals cutting benefits, put some of the blame on Refugee scum for siphoning money away from true Australians. ALP voters should all be hit with an "Illegal Migrant" tax.

    • +1

      Not sure why you would direct the blame to those refugees at all. It's not like we racked up those huge debt (hence the budget cut) because of immigration issue anyway. It's simply the lack of wise management at the Federal level in other idiotic policies. Truth is, this country is built by migrants to begin with, so I find your argument totally bias and ignorant.

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      How have you not yet found out about seeking asylum being legal?

  • Also remember that this year the Medicare Levy increases from 1.5% to 2% to pay for the disability insurance scheme. That was announced in last years budget, and will hit everyone from July 1 this year. You can see for yourself how much extra you'll pay on the www.taxcalc.com.au website.

    So before this years budget was even announced, we were all going to be paying more. Add the new changes and you can really see how big of an impact this will be.

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    I always knew the liberals were bastards..and that they love to protect the rich companies / rich elites..

    who can trust them especially with a mug face like tony abbot..

    He looks a thug from GTA.


    Also just go and rewatch the debate
    All he had were slogans…the real agenda didn't show itself till now.

    And they policies were were in a mini booklet that had nothing substantial..

    • +2

      That's it I'm buying the game and I'm gonna run him over and over again in the game…LOL

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    the worst thing they did is to hit the tertiary education…knowledge/specialty is what create jobs in the future….

    Totally idiotic!!

    • +1

      that's not the most worst thing..

      all of it is bad

      just depends on your situation

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      I'm still at university and I personally think that the cut to university funding is a step forward but it will need to be implemented in a sustainable manner where low SES students are able to afford to go to university. For example if your TOTAL household income was say less than $60,000 then that would entitle you to a 50-75% discount on tuition fees (currently HECS has a 75% cap in comparison to international student fees/aka full fee I think). Fairer education to those who are wealthy/poor.

      Why should richer people pay full fee. Well.. you're richer.. Though of course everyone's circumstance will be different.

      Now why is it needed?

      1. Surplus of students with degrees that can't get a job as everyone nowadays have degrees. A worthless piece of paper in comparison to people whom had work experience for 3 years out of high school in the SAME industry.
      2. Honestly speaking at UNSW & UTS, you can get away with not going to any lectures and still attaining fairly high results 70%+ though again depending on the degree. The standards need to be raised, its university not high school and some lecturers/tutors are just appalling.
      3. Job opportunities… A administration job that requires a bachelor degree minimum. WTF? The most you'll deal with are technical jargon/system which can be learnt? (everyone will have to be trained anyway?)

      I do agree that they hurt education but not tertiary. They only funded 32% of the $5 billion dollars/year funding for public school sector despite recommendations from the Gonski research the government commissioned in 2010?

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    Hmm quite a few downsides for me.
    Being a student who is about to graduate (engineering) but am struggling to get a graduate spot, I was considering further study to change career path. Will have to reconsider that if there's a fee increase. Thankfully, I'm still at home so the changes to Newstart won't have an immediate effect. My friends who have to live away from home and are without engineering work aren't so lucky.

    I have a chronic disease that requires monthly blood tests, regular GP visits and medication, so the co-payment and drug increase is probably going to be a problem, especially when I had to quit my job due to the disease in the first place.

      • +5

        Where did you read that I don't like it? Did you read my post?

        I would love to get a job as an engineer, I have good marks and am an extremely hard worker but competition in the Chemical Engineering field is extremely tough so I may not get a job. My plan was to complete post-grad study (such as a one year diploma of education) so I could get a JOB in a non-preferred field and WORK and pay off HECS instead of relying on government handouts (which are barely enough to get by anyway).

        • +1

          Just a heads up, in NSW anyways there are basically no teaching positions anywhere. It also doesn't pay well for what you do even with the holidays… (low salary cap in government schools anyway)

          Private schools will demand that you get results (NAPLAN) and parents will always be up your arse.

          Then there is always the issue where you can't do anything dumb remotely around the school as you are considered a role model ;).. (tattoos, piercings, having a few too many drinks, flirting)

          Finally, one offence or even rumor can end your career. Schools do 'working with childrens' check all the time and I think driving under the influence will be flagged? Student accuses you that she saw you with another school kid? LOL its endless

        • Thanks for the info, I'll keep it in mind! I'm in WA, I have friends in high school teaching who have just graduated and tell me they are inundated with offers for maths/science. Perhaps it differs between states?

          The role model expectations (I don't drink etc.) shouldn't be an issue but I think the inherent pressures that come with the job would be tough to handle - I've been told about teacher burn-out after the first few years…?

          I can imagine there are quite a few downsides! Its just one of the options I was considering…more of a last resort if there aren't other suitable options.

    • Look in to it, but I think you can start another undergraduate (or postgraduate) degree immediately after you graduate and you won't be affected by fee deregulation until 2020.

      'Current Commonwealth supported students who finish their course and immediately commence in another course as a Commonwealth supported student (either at the undergraduate or postgraduate level), will also be eligible to study under existing arrangements for the duration of their study or until the 31st of December 2020 (whichever comes first).'


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    Not only will we be tax when we go to doctors,
    Drive cars
    Buy medicine

    The other effects will be

    • increase in food prices
    • possibly GST rise
    • increase in youth crime
    • going to uni will only be affordable for the rich, so there might be a person that could be a great doctor, scientist (that cures cancer) but they never realize their dream cos they couldn't afford to go to uni

    they also think we are stupid about the co payment and linking it to the medical research
    What is the point of medical research and cures, if u can't afford to go the GP…
    All those poor ppl would die from not getting regular checkup that could prevent a major health problem..

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    don't blame me, i voted for kodos.

  • Here's what's gonna happen. Budget will be reviewed amongst growing speculation and discourse. Budget will be revised/reworded to be slighter better than it's current form but still overall bad. Majority of discussion shifts to 'improvement'. Budget is passed. Negative impact of unnecessary budget reform takes place.

    • +1

      Not if labor, greens and pup show some balls. Block supply force a DD while people are annoyed, scream broken promises till the cows come home.

      PUP in particular has a lot to gain, labor could easily win back government and greens get the mob they hate out of the picture…..it's the most obvious political solution but it won't happen because labor are pussies and generally idiots who won't fight fire with fire.

  • Myself i am not effect other then i might have my more off my uni. I need to finish uni next year. What sick me youth and family and uni stuff are to much for the most. GP copayment is joke.

    • +3

      Just a guess, but I take it you're not studying English grammar?

      • maybe he/she is an immigrant

    • -2

      u need teh engrish lesson ielts ?? I give 2 dolla an our, Fo u discunt won. fiddy per our?

  • My Wife is a hard working medical Sonographer with 15 years scanning/diagnosis experience. She has 2 Sydney uni degrees under her belt.

    Regarding the $7 Medicare co-payment, what the public at large simply don't comprehend and understand is that the Medicare schedule of benefits (which is the $ amount Medicare pay for your consultation/treatment/x-ray/blood tests) have not risen in over 10 years!

    That effectively means that bulk billing doctors and other bulk billed services, have not had a single $ increase in their funding levels, even though rent, machine/technology costs, admin staff costs, insurances, ect have all risen drastically in that time. It's little wonder more and more practices have started introducing a fee on top the medicare rebate.

    Out of the new $7 co-payment, $2 will go to the medical practice or medical imaging centre or pathology.

    While I agree that the vulnerable in our society always need to be looked after, the rest of us will need to prop the system up.

    If we want the best medical system around with the best trained doctors ect, we need to be prepared to pay a little more for that privilege.

    • But this logic is flawed, look at the US medical system, the most expensive in the world.

  • The $7 Medicare co-payment, FTB cuts and other small levies are actually decoys…

    The real issue is that the Tax threshold levels have not increased!!

    Every budget these tax threshold should increase to align with the rise in living expenses and inflation.

    If they don't rise EVERYONE are actually more out of pocket every year.

    And this is how this government and past governments have made their money without the public realising it…

    • +1

      Every budget these tax threshold should increase to align with the rise in living expenses and inflation.

      Not always the case. Check out historical tax rates for personal income — often many years without a change. Currently top bracket is 45% at $180+k, and interestingly merely 11 years ago it was as low as 47% at $60+k. In 1988-1989 financial year it was 49% on $35+k and 24% on $5.1k-$12.6k (back when a 80286 with EGA screen probably costs $2,000+).

      I'll say there's already significant progress over the years. However,

      And this is how this government and past governments have made their money

      Wasn't the point of "tax" is for government to make money to provide social welfare, build infrastructure and (at least for the current government) to pay off the debt?

      • they used it for billion dollar stadium, arena etc etc……. that is forecasted good for 4 years……. sadly…. i.e. increasing capacity from 50k to 75k (footy members more than that…. )and 22k to 40k headcount

        • Guess you never played simcity…

      • Yeah Tax is the point for governments to build infrastructure, provide welfare etc..
        But governments are often VERY inefficient and a large portion of this money is wasted..

  • i wonder if i booked a double appointment with the GP if it will be 7$ x 2? or more for a longer appointment. it going to hurt those who can least afford it.

  • The budget wont go through, no one wants it to. If you want to fix the economy, tax everyone $50 extra per year on their tax returns, job done. case closed.

    • say we have 10million tax payers, that's "only" $500mil…

      • ok make it $500 hehe

  • Regarding the fuel levy, in terms of cost for motorists it will only lead to an estimated increase of 1 cent per litre per year

  • +7

    I wrote up a longish post but decided it's inappropriate to share my personal circumstances online.

    In a nutshell:

    How will this affect me individually? Badly. Scotty, unlike you I don't have a family so I am doing it alone. None of it is good news, and I'm nowhere near rich enough to benefit from any of the stuff they've left untouched.

    How will it affect me and my lifestyle? Money wise I will be MUCH worse off - as a percent of my (supposedly existent) disposable income. Immediate lifestyle - I'm a scrooge because I have to be. I can't get much scroogier than I already am. The big hit will be on my future prospects and long term health/stability. I could very easily be in a totally effed situation. I don't have family to fall back on, or where I can crash on a couch. :(

    Will it affect my time on OzBargain? Maybe. Thing is, if I have less expendable time, I won't be able to chase up bargains do price checks. If I have to sell my car to make rent for 6 months, I will less on OzBargain and more waljking to and from the shops to get my grocery done, carrying things home 2km in rain wind or shine (did this for years, will do it again if I have to).

    The politics? It's not boring. It's infuriating, and sad, and frustrating. It's important! This budget is CRIMINAL. The well-off have gotten off scott free ($400 out of a $180k salary?! I might actually face homelessness!) Everyone sharing the pain? GTFO.

    I'll leave y'all with a 17th century poem that I think applies so well to what is happening here:

    The law locks up the man or woman
    Who steals the goose off the common
    But leaves the greater villain loose
    Who steals the common from the goose.

    The law demands that we atone
    When we take things we do not own
    But leaves the lords and ladies fine
    Who takes things that are yours and mine.

    The poor and wretched don’t escape
    If they conspire the law to break;
    This must be so but they endure
    Those who conspire to make the law.

    The law locks up the man or woman
    Who steals the goose from off the common
    And geese will still a common lack
    Till they go and steal it back.

  • Anyone know if doctors are better or worst of with the co payment?

    How much do they get from medicare normally?

    Seems like doctors association are quiet on this issue, so they are benefiting from co payment?

  • I don't know a lot about the cuts and such. But regular visits to the GP due to chronic illness will be more difficult, as I can't really fork out the money to do so. My family and I are already facing so much debt, and I'm working as many jobs as I can already to help out as well as study and support myself. So the funding cuts will definitely hurt.

  • +1

    Me: SAHM, chronic illness requiring blood tests every month, monthly prescription fill.
    Husband: earns just over $100k.

    FTB B is my only "pocket money".
    Sad but true that this budget won't kill me but might hurt my financial independence a great deal.

  • Living expenses cost increase like mad past few years because the RBA has no power to control the banks. Why we need RBA, many times they just weasel all the way, disaster buying more car causing inflation - rubbish. When economy figure is bad, disaster is one time thing should not factor in….. Made up ur mind! We paying million dollar salary for rubbish? Economy cycle is regulate and deregulate the banks. But labor decided not to, saying it has been 12 years Australia never do that, but it's a cycle…. . End result? Many business close down. People suffer. Banks on the other hand. During booming they earn.0.8 billion. During recession…. Whoop…. They earn 1.3 billion. This year record high of likely hood 3 billion.

    Home loan. 10 years ago. Official rate 4.5% u pay 6.5% with most give u 0.5% discount or more.

    Now 2.5% u pay 5.8% with most.0.7% discount. Difference is bigger when not regulated.

    • With the record profits banks are making, the government should open a bank instead of these increases.

      It will help cut the massive profits from the majors with competition, it will provide jobs

      The ripple effect of this seems to be mainly positive then rather then negative

  • What will affect me personally is the increase of FEE-HELP rate. I have a big student loan. I think it is reasonable to pay a little bit more interest over the CPI but 6% is kinda high.
    I also don't like the idea of new roads: why don't we spend more money on public transport network?

  • Not impressed with the university fees being deregulated. If it affects current students, my last year of uni (and potentially more after if I take longer than 3 years) will be at a higher rate. If it's only new students, that affects my sister quite a lot, she will be starting uni in 2017.

    I was planning on maybe taking a semester off to travel next year, but that seems out of the question now. I'll want to get my degree done ASAP.

    It really seems pointless to deregulate the fees, but I suppose it's the government and they don't really care.

  • +1

    Despite most of the changes not affecting me it's kind of sad that this is the general direction we're going in and that we might be looking back to today in 20 years with glowing nostalgia - without knowing what technology or the future will bring. It's hard to imagine even today that university fees were made non-existent in the 1970s and that universal healthcare was only introduced back then.

    Hopefully unemployment levels don't skyrocket else we might have issues with our twenty-somethings. If the employment market becomes really bad wouldn't it make sense at some point to offer work for the dole programs to anyone with no waiting period, regardless of how redundant they would probably end up being? Interestingly enough, the precedent to modern welfare programs in Germany was merely intended to subdue social unrest (e.g. the Detroit-like cities of today) and prevent emigration to where the grass is greener.

  • These budget things are only till a new government gets voted in really :P
    Ive never taken them to heart like a lot of people seem to as we are just pawns to the upper class and politicians..
    Least I can say, I didnt vote the man of the hour in, never looked like someone you can trust.

  • +1

    Wow, four pages in & I'm surprised that some idiot hasn't chimed in yet with the usual dumbass cop-out:

    derp If you're not happy you should get into politics & blah, blah, blah…derp

    • +3

      Still waiting for a "This is Australia, if you don't like it leave"! comment too!

  • Really here is the correct budget reply speach.


    With all the open rhetoric above some things have been missed or not as clear as it should be.

    1. 2% levey is on earnings above $180,000. Probably one less latte a day.

    2. For those who turn 25 years of age and have been part of family cover in health funds and hospital cover. You will not be supported there unless you can afford to pay for it out of the work for the dole, earn or yearn, or learn and have a HELP debt,

    3. With the HEX/Help debt attracting interest this service can now be securitised to raise funds [housing mortgage funds pre gfc]for the Government. Or sold to Macquarie Bank, or highest bidder. THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY BACK THE LOAN NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE AND INCUR PENALTY RATES OR LATE PAYMENT FEES. Of course private enterprise can do it better, ie make a profit on capital spent where as we the government cannot and we do not believe in Social/Community Good as a income value.

    4. Super, Strangely Keating had it right. Now with the delayed levels of contributions [employers = salary not paid direct, Personal = any mandated contribution, Compulsory = like those in Government or bank jobs, Additional employer contributions if employees make a contribution at level set = ie Universities]will not provide enough of retirement benefit to keep one alive in an acceptable reduced financial manner compared to the end salary.Keating figures would have provided 37% of end salary by super alone. For now You Do the compound sums [if you cannot find a calculator use 'rule of 72' on single lump sum at 18, and same amount at 30 to age 70.. Whilst there will be pensions when you reach 70, the criteria will be much much harder much.Its Your money Your Future Your homework Your checking of ……………………..[ fill in = financial planner, treasurer, dad, boss, man at pub, me are you like some ….. person [I am quite sure they will say so! again another V quote - but! not the 'interesting' 2009 TV series.

    So far I have not seen 3 of the above mentioned in any of Budget Summaries from such bodies as BT,FPA,MLC and so on. These are not the only sleepers that may affect some of us.

    My apologies if grammar, spelling and ratiocination if off. 6 hours sleep in 48 hours brings out the dyslexia in me.Good Night.

  • In all this the one thing that keeps coming up in my family discussions of the budget direction.

    The budget seems to have had its draft in the USA.

    Takeing the worse of nations victim policies - competition states with poor broke and wealthy, class university, college trust, if you can't work then you can have eventually have food stamps, buy a gun (illegal here), travel four hour for work,

    What else is there to add to the list.

  • +1

    off-topic but …Congratulations are in order!!!
    I came in as the 27th more important thing than Tony Abbott.Linky Yay me!

    But seriously, how low can Tony Abbott's ratings fall?

    • +1

      How long is a piece of string?
      How deep is the deepest ocean?

      I've long said he's our answer to GW Bush. Did anybody like him?
      Yes. Nutcases.

  • Have been working on a couple of old tax returns I missed so have been over at the ATO website searching for stuff. Spotted this little gem:

    From 1 July 2014 the Medicare levy will rise from 1.5% to 2.0%

    So not only are they going to start charging more for doctors, prescription, tests etc etc, the Medicare levy is rising as well. Double hit.

    • Medicare levy was done by previous gov?

    • Double hit.

      Don't want to lodge a Medicare claim online? You'll soon have to do it over the counter…
      …at Centrelink.
      Because they're "co-locating".

      So I'd call that a triple-hit.

  • -1

    Just remember its all Labour's fault, no matter how bad they talk about Tony Abbott or the Budget. Tony Abbott is only doing it to put our coffers back in the black!

    • +1

      Looks like a sarcasm to me!

  • As per the OP question ,im on the DSP it will affect me as i go to the doctors and hospital at least once a month , take over 500 tablets a month " 5 different medications " and im over 50 .

    Imo the budget wasnt very well thought out.

    Having people work till they are 70 to retire has a few problems
    1:Retirng at 70 means a younger person will have to wait longer to fill the retirees job , which is weird to me as if he retired at 65 and took his super the young person would move into work rather than the dole for 5 years

    2:Saying he will create a million jobs , then sacking 26000 public servants and then doesnt say what jobs he will create " more job search centres ? ".

    3: Using people on welfare as an excuse why the country is struggling , what he doesnt mention is that people on welfare dont have much money so it goes straight back into the economy " wether its rent beer or drugs or food ", Some people of means buy foreign cars , Bmw's etc " money going overseas " go on holidays overseas " spending money in other countries " and yes they have earnt it , my point is people on welfare spend their money here.

    4:Cutting health and education funding " while charging more to see a doctor " and hell cutting education while we should be increasing it to keep up with the global econmy.

    5:Jobs well give a tax break to companies who keep their phone support in this country , increase import tax so we can make stuff here rather than import it , buy the ford and toyota foundries and make an aussie car and save the motor industry in this country.

    Omg lol what a late night rant , well i will leave it there.

    • Your problem is you lack the capacity of reptilian cognition. I envy you, because what some may call paranoia is simply the ineffable social engineering mentality of this mob. Their supporters have openly admitted they want to take us down the US path.

      Put simply, when the GFC hit, we were in a position to Zig while the rest of the world Zagged. Recovery in northern EU and US regions means their austerity measures are easing. So now as they Zag, Cheech & Chong, aka Hockey & Cormann want us to Zig.

      "Yes, let's de-rail that MRRT initiative to sabotage the budget. What's a few million for an advertising campaign when we stand to contribute billions per year?"

      Apparently, we've had our snouts firmly in the trough so kindly replenished by those charitable Czars of the mining boom. How DARE average Aussies enjoy a decent standard of living on the toil of dirt-diggers!?
      The hide of our collective arses.

      What's most interesting at this time is the Queensland Newman government facing the reality of deficit. Why so? Because of a massive shortfall in revenue from state resources. So now they're about to sell off the rest of the state to balance their books. Bravo! That takes real brains, doesn't it?
      When there's finally nothing left to flog, what can they expect? Massive tax hikes.

      There's a Constitutional crisis facing the Victorian Napthine shambles too. Good times.

      I have kept both versions of the LNP's "Real Solutions" pamphlet. They did a national and state version you see.

      2:Saying he will create a million jobs , then sacking 26000 public servants and then doesnt say what jobs he will create " more job search centres ? ".

      From page 10:
      "Delivering two million new jobs over the next decade
      We will generate one million new jobs over the next five years and two million new jobs over the next ten years as we grow a bigger, more productive and prosperous economy."

      Ten years? lol I'd call that extreme optimism.

      I think you're on the right track though Twodogs. They'll create jobs alright, slave labour is the means.
      All they need to do is redefine the definition of employment in a budgetary context. Just as Howard/Costello redefined what a part-time job was (by reducing the hours to fit their definition).

      The following will be counted as "jobs".
      The Green Army — Militarised Landcare
      The Grey Army — Militarised Seniors
      The WFTD Army — Work For The Dole. They're not militarised because they don't have a colour.
      The Light Army — Army of Light, aka Soldiers of Light, God Squad etc. Coming to a school near you!
      Although light technically contains ALL colours of the electromagnetic spectrum, this is a Divine Light. It's probably white, but I'd get seriously flamed if I called it The White Army, you see?

      I'm sure I missed another recent proposal, someone with a better memory is welcome to add. But I can imagine the following too:

      The Blue Army — You're given a boat and patrol coastal waters for brown floaters.
      The Crewcut Army — Patrols urban areas with scissors to cut the hair of any male who dares grow it past their collar.
      The Army Army — You knew it was coming, but were too afraid to utter its name. Yes, National Service.

      Now, get to polishing those tur boots.

  • Oh, and where did the Coalition cheer squad go? Do they suddenly lack the courage of their convictions? Have they suddenly had an awakening? Have they compromised their values? Or have they simply pulled their heads in now that the polls have spoken?
    Keeping your powder dry, eh?

    • Haven't we heard enough in recent years about the Labor/Greens alliance? I don't think it's something to shy away from. Let's have a formal coalition, like…oh I dunno. The LNP Coalition!

      So where did the LNP voters go?
      For example, if you combine the left/centre-left parties and look at declared audience preferences on Q&A. Prior to the election, the left was typically outnumbered by Coalition voters by 1-10%.

      Post-election, there has been a shift — it's practically flipped now. Is this because Coalition voters won't own up to it? Or are they staying home, now that their party has power?

      Given that they have free reign (B. Bishop) in the Lower House gee, haven't they done well?!

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