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10% off All Protein + Free Shipping on Orders over 3KG @ Sport Supplements Direct


Hey Ozbargainers, I found this relatively cheap supplement re-seller which lists alot of the good stuff.
Now as far as testing the WPI for glucose (using benedicts solution), I have not seen anything yet about their samples. Their feedback as a ebay reseller seems very promising though.

Enjoy !

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    Free shipping when over 3KG

    I'm close to 100KG, so I get free shipping ?


    I'm not an expert but that website looks sooo dodgy…


      Theyve also got an ebay store and the feedback is impressive. I ordered 4KG using Paypal so fingers crossesd , ill try and get my hands on benedicts solution and do a quick test to ease peoples curiosity.

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        Doesn't most eBay stores have good feedback… Cos they refund any bad votes


        I ordered 4KG using Paypal so fingers crossesd

        Commerce isn't supposed to work that way…


          My point is if I test the goods for glucose content and its disgustingly high , ill lodge a refund through paypal. If that dosnt win then ill contact ACCC or Fair trading to give them a hefty fine or two.


          If you're going to submit a complaint to the ACCC or Fair Trading about high glucose levels, I suggest you first change your user name…


    Anyone tried these guys? I would like some feedback on the taste of the flavored WPI.


      No one here has seem to tried them yet so I've put my money on the line , I believe bulk nutrients isn't the cheapest around . I ordered vanilla lean WPI/WPC blend , I'll do a reagent test and compare it to ON gold standard whey vanilla .


        I've tried several mass gain and WPC mixes and I have to say that I love SSD's stuff. It's definitely the best tasting, and one of the best value propositions.

        Their marketing looks dodgy because they simply spend less on it. At the end of the day, those sorts of costs which don't determine quality is why I don't bother with the plethora heavyweight supplement companies out there like Musashi whose offerings are consequently expensive.

        I've done a few basic comparisons, and here is how some of the major online supplement companies compare:

        Sports Supplements Direct: WPC/WPI Chocolate (Lean)
        KG 1 2 3
        Price 35.95 62.95 84.95
        Price per kg 35.95 31.48 28.32
        Protein/100gms 82.9 82.9 82.9
        Prot. per $ (g) 23.06 26.34 29.28
        Carbs/100gms 5.5 6.5 7.5
        Ingredients WPI, WPC

        Bulk Nutrients: WPC
        KG 1 2 3
        Price 39 61 81
        Price per kg 39 30.5 27
        Protein/100gms 76.5 76.5 76.5
        Prot. per $ (g) 19.62 25.08 28.33
        Carbs/100gms 8.3 8.3 8.3
        Ingredients WPC

        Venom Protein: WPC
        KG 1 2 3
        Price 35 60 80
        Price per kg 35 30 26.67
        Protein/100gms 76.9 76.9 76.9
        Prot. per $ (g) 21.97 25.63 28.83
        Carbs/100gms 2.3 2.3 2.3
        Ingredients WPC, Maltodextrin

        Protein Direct: WPC
        KG 2
        Price 59
        Price per kg 29.5
        Protein/100gms 72.9
        Prot. per $ (g) 24.71
        Carbs/100gms 10.7
        Ingredients WPC


    I was impressed by the ALACEN 895 mix, ordered 10 kgs. On paper looks like top quality stuff.


      Thats my next trial. let me know about taste and how well it mixes ! its got an emulsifier so shouldnt be bad for mixing i assume. If you can get your hands on benedicts solution do a glucose test to see if any sugars are present, lots of supplement companies dont always deliver whats on paper .


    Meh, took a gamble on 5Kgs WPI Choc flavour. Hopefully its nice.


    I'm highly interested in this guys, waiting to hear more about how the purchases went..


    Hi all, just a quick update - I got my stuff today.

    The 10kgs of ALACEN 895 (NZ WPI) arrived in 2 plastic bags of 7 and 3 kgs. The worst packing job ever. No thorn bags, but I guess it is very easy to happen. Plastic measuring cup - unwrapped, shaker - decent size (600 ml) but very poor quality.

    2 of the 10 bags are marked best before 14/2/15, the rest have 2 more months - acceptable I guess.
    The bags themselves are the worst, not really resealable, have to move the precious powder into something else.

    Now the important stuff. The WPI mixes really well, don't know why some people complain about it, maybe the soy lecithin helps or it just needs a good shaking. Some foam, but that's to be expected :) The flavor of the pure stuff is… missing. Mixed with low fat milk - it tastes like milk. Much better than the flavored Venom WPI, which to me tastes sickly sweet. Will try different ways to make it better, maybe with some pure cocoa powder, but you don't take WPI for the pleasure, right?

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