Bandsaw and other power tools

Hey guys

I'm looking to purchase a bandsaw and maybe some other power tools.

Anyone know a cheaper place than Bunnings or how to get a discount at Bunnings?




    Bunnings does not sell any good bandsaws.
    A quality new one starts at around $700. See Cabatec's website for examples.
    I actually recommend purchasing 2nd hand on ebay/gumtree for around $300. The older models are much, much more solidly built, and are real precision machines.
    I believe the same goes for wood lathes, drill presses and bench vises.
    Power hand tools are generally fine at the cheaper end. I don't see any reason to buy Makita or Metabo etc. for domestic use. I have had good results with Black & Decker, Ryobi and still have a GMC circular saw and router that are still going strong after more than a decade of hobbyist use.