Which one is the best buy?

this for a young teenager, who just wants a good looking phone, he likes both of these and would use a Telstra prepaid sim so please tell me which one




any advice would be great thanks


  • The ones you show are very average spec wise. I wouldn't bother with them.
    This is value for money

    more ram
    better resolution.

    for the price and specs- definitely this.

    the others are low spec,- laggy. I wouldn't touch them.

    • Single band 3g, no 850mhz support.

    • yeah as mentioned by "scrimshaw", no 3g850 support. This would NOT be good to use with Telstra.

    • has 2100MHz 3g support for Telstra, Optus, Vodafone

      • ಠ_ಠ

      • Telstra is 850 only, Voda is mostly 850. only good for optus in city areas.

  • I wouldn't buy a no-name brand smart phone. imo get an older/low spec smart phone from AU stock from a decent brand. Less heartache.


    There's the ozbargain feed for the mobile tag. The second top one is slightly more expensive, branded, AU stock - NOKIA Lumia 520. Sleek design.

    Although it's not android, it will have all the standard apps she will probably use skype/facebook etc, have a better UI etc.

    A couple further down is this android htc: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/143956 runs android

    Although it's sold out, they appear here every 5 minutes… just watch that feed!

  • Oh and make sure the phone has the right frequencies. http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/mobile_phone_frequencies

  • thanks, they just look so appealing but still they need to work and I do not know much about this so that is why I asked.

  • and just found one more here is the link is this a good buy ? thanks


    • Not suitable for telstra. lacking 850mhz 3g band.

  • Just wonder do you know of any good phones to buy on these overseas sites, my son is driving me crazy, keeps finding a good one????? every few days, scrimshaw can you recommend he has $100 to spend, thanks

    • Your son is really fixated on these Samsung clones isn't he…

      Just note they will not perform anything close to a Samsung Galaxy Note, the battery life of these large-screen, 5.7 inch plus, $100 phones won't be very good because they typically pack batteries that are of a much lower capacity than genuine brand phones. E.g 1800mah battery in a 5.5 inch device means you'll get at most 2.5 hours of screen-on time.
      Big screens = battery drainer.

      Check out http://www.pandawill.com/bluboo-x1-smartphone-android-42-mtk...

    • Not worth getting, might as well buy a Huawei Y300 ($79) from Telstra and unlock it for $5 bucks if you want to use it with other networks.

      This way, you will get similar specifications and size with the added bonus of getting a local stock device, with local warranty.

      IMo you should really make up your mind between either this phone, which is a good deal, or a branded Huawei device, or pay extra ($200) for a Motorola G, which is a very decent phone with much better longevity and build quality than other budget devices.

      • go for $89.99 Bluboo - inexpensive, nice specs.

  • Lend your son $10 and get this one http://www.geekbuying.com/item/Doogee-PIXELS-DG350-4-7Inch-M...

    I've got it and this is better than all of the ones your son has found.
    Camera is crap but don't think you could expect much from these phones, at least the screen is very good, and speed is very good as well.

    Also works on 3 big networks (city areas for optus)

  • your link did not work clse945111 ??

    • Something is wrong with their website right now, you can Google Doogee DG350 and see if there's any better price.

    • http://www.pandawill.com/h920-turbo-smartphone-mtk6589t-15gh...

      This one is currently on sale, even better specs for a cheaper price.

  • What is the best source for keeping up to date with new budget china phones?

    • +1

      Chinavasion.com. Follow their 'new products' rss feed. Every new China-phone/tab model that gets released into the market, as far as I can tell. A bit overwhelming, at times.
      Their 'blog' feed is also worth following, for other reasons.

  • purchased the h920 turbo thanks for your help, should receive it next week, cheers

    • Please post feedback on how you find it.

  • My teen has had this phone for about a week now, and is very happy with it, holds charge well changes screens quickly and is bright and colourful. Loves the size and really has not got any negs at the moment, will let you all know if this changes cheers