OnePlus One Invites

I'm really looking forward to getting a OnePlus One (planning to import via US). Any OzBargainers have/want invites? I want, but don't have one yet. If anyone gets invites please keep me in mind. I will happily pass on invites should I get any.



  • just randomly looking around and saw this
    "The company has said that it has been able to offer phones at extremely low rates because the handsets are being sold at cost."

    O_O whats the price you can buy at?!

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      $300 for 16Gb and $350 for 64Gb
      Insanely cheap high end hardware!

  • me too :D<<

  • Me too!
    Also, I wonder what the market for these invites will be like. Will people be selling them off for a ridiculous amount of money? Or will people be giving them out for free? If you go on the OPO forums, there's already tonnes of requests of people offering hundreds of $$ for an invite.

    • Apparently theres a 24hr limit on the invites so shouldn't be too much of a bidding war.. They are for sale on aliexpres for 450us already though so if youre desperately wanting one now. Hopefully i will get an invite soon from forum or from another generous user. If it takes too long i will probably go iphone6 by then.

  • why would you bid on invite so high just wait till go public.

    • Thanks for the tip off on the spreadsheet, I have added my details.

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    There are also location problems Australia seems to have with everything

    • Good spot…

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    Got an invite :-) Going to be awhile before I get spare invites to hand out, will post back here when I do.

    • Congratulations.
      Don't forget to share the hands on experience of OPO. :)

    • Would love an invite ;)
      How did you manage to get one? (Competition, know a guy?)

    • how you got an invite is beyond us >:(
      so jelly!

  • This has to be the greatest marketing campaign in the history of mobile phones. People lining up, competing even, for the opportunity to BUY a phone at list price. Brilliant way to establish brand cachet for OnePlus.
    BTW, if anyone is willing to pay about $140 over retail, both 16GB and 64GB versions are available from Pandawill. Might not qualify it as a bargain, but it depends on how soon you want to get one. Still way cheaper than a Samsung S5 and with comparable specs.

  • HI Guys,

    Need a invite, will share the exp. :)

    Help OZB

  • Hello,

    I also would like an invite if someone is feeling extra nice :)

    I will pay it forward.

  • Any update on invites in the OzBargain community?

  • I would like an invite please!

  • Adding myself to the queue: Any Spare Invite please, just one invite. I need one invite. (sound like the beggar outside Wynyard station )

  • I've got some invites for the 64GB sandstone black international model if anyone still needs one. Think you need to redeem via an overseas VPN and dropship as not sure if they're officially 'live' in Oz just yet. Send me a PM if interested, first come first served.

    • Now all gone.

  • me too - would greatly appreciate a spare invite :)

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    Apparently the invite system is going to pre order in October
    Looking for a new phone.. and really considering this one - the non replaceable battery, & no sd card etc has me a bit worried but mostly can't be arsed stuffing around looking for invites.
    I do like cyanogenmod though - at least you would always get updates. There are a couple of other similar chinadroids out there that I like also but getting regular updates and bug fixes is a big plus for 1+1
    I read somewhere that there's a new version coming out soon?

  • If anyone has a spare invite for the black 64gb model, it would be greatly appreciated. I've had my 3GS for four years now and really need to upgrade as it doesn't really work anymore. :(

  • +1

    Also, wouldn't dropshipping an international model using a code cost close to what DWI are charging anyway?

  • I can get you all INVITES!!! email me guys

    [email protected]

    Be patient though as they are coming frome the states

  • I have a spare invite if anyone wants. Just message me

  • does anyoen have a spare invite??

  • does anyone have an invite that tehy are not using? please give to meeee

  • looks like pre-order is now finished and back to invites. If anyone has a spare, please message me :)

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