Cheap laminate/melamine bench top for 2.1-2.4m long desk

Hi guys,

Im looking to build a bench to use as a desk in my office. I want the desk to be 2.1m - 2.4m long, and have been unable to find any suitable desks so am thinking of just building my own

4x 710mm legs @ $25 each

And then a bench top From here ($99-$200).

Anyone know of an alternative to this? Im pretty sure I would need some extra support under the bench top to stop it from bowing. Maybe contact a kitchen place or something?

For draws I would just get 2x sets of Pedastal type draws



    My friend did something like this for her design office desk and it worked a treat… she got 2 wooden trestle legs (a simple A-Frame type with adjustable height) and simply put a door on top of it… It actually works very well… Might even be a bit cheaper :)