Mt. Hotham or Falls Creek OzBargain style

Does anyone have any tips or know of any good deals for visiting Mt. Hotham or Falls Creek in about a weeks time (6-June)
Never been to the snow before so advice would be appreciated, in relation to accommodation, ski/boot/clothes hire, lift passes, lessons, other attractions/activities.


  • and I doubut you will have been to the snow on 6th June either.

    I doubt there will be any snow there for at least 2 weeks, save your money.

    • Was checking the weather reports and they say the snow would start on the 6th or 7th. Yeah… too risky. Will have to postpone our trip.

  • As UKMARK states there is no snow…will look like it does in Summer but shorter days and Cool

  • For first timers,
    I will recommend Falls creek. You can look into Falls creek country club.

    If you go between mid to late july, they have special on accomodation including gear hire.
    There should be snow making on wombats ramble, drovers dream and main street which will be more than adequate to entertain beginners for the weekend.

  • Grass boarding lol

    Going to the snow in Australia is very expensive.
    I oddly suggest just going to mount Baw Baw on a reallllllly good day because it would be really cheap and if you've never done it before it's the better option. It's also really close to Melbourne.

    It costs like $47 a day or something to even drive a car up to falls/hotham. Bad times. I don't know what it is for baw baw but yeah.

    • Will consider Baw Baw as we are beginners.. and as you say would cost us less. Thanks

      • Keep in mind Mt Baw Baw doesn't have chair lifts, only T-bars which is extremely difficult if you're snowboarding, OK if you're skiing.

  • I'd love to cycle up falls creek one day or hotham, supposedly monster climbs.

  • Just echoing what was said above, there is no snow at the moment:

    However, this could mean you might get a good deal on accommodation if you are just looking to get away…

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    if you're driving (and there is a hint of snow) don't forget chains.