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Science Diet Small Breed Dog Food - Buy 1 Get 1 Free - My Pet Warehouse


2.04 KG bags - $25.89 | 7.03 KG bags - $80.79
Click and Collect in store for free or have it delivered to anywhere in Australia for $4.99

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    For the value of the deal, I don't have a price point to compare on.
    The food on its own is expensive though, rashers of bacon from the deli at Coles or Woolies, sausages, etc. are cheaper, and probably more filling.

    • On Pet Warehouse (my usual default pet food supplier) this stuff is $81 and $27 for 7.03Kg and 2.04Kg bags respectively.

      The BOGOF deal makes this a particularly good bargain!

      If you want the BOGOF deal, you add two, or four, or six, etc, etc, etc items to the shopping cart and a 100% discount is added for every second bag.

      The site seems to get confused if you add different BOGOF eligible items to the shopping cart (ie: add 2 x 7.03Kg + 2 x 2.04Kg to the cart and you'll get the BOGOF on one item but not the other. Works with either item, just not both at the same time).

  • how about adding the bonus to the puppy range ?

  • does this work on cat science diet?

  • Science diet is a disgusting sludge, I just can't bring myself to feed that stuff to my pets! I did find some other very well priced food on the site, though, so I've stocked up! I like the flat rate $4.99 (Courier) or $7.50 (AusPost) shipping!