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Harry's Rocky Road - 1st Birthday Sale - July 2009 - $1 off


Harry's Rocky Road is turning one and celebrating with a Birthday Sale!

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Harry's Rocky Road
Harry's Rocky Road

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    Nothing special, just $1 off.
    +$6 postage though…but its better than the previous $12 rip off charge.

    Bring back the 1c postage and then we're talking!

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        Being a business, I find it extremely hard to believe you pay retail rates for a 3kg Express Satchel. Even the general public can get a discount purchasing 10 or more at a time, which you would be entitled too as well at a minimum. Unless of course you buy one at time for various reasons which your attitude would best explain.

        This post is nothing more that advertising with little on offer. Its OzBargain, and I fail to see how $1 off $6 (+$6) is a "bargain".


    yeh, the postage is just too high, cost more than buying just a pack of it.

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    I loose money on postage. What do you want me to charge?

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    Well, it is 16% off, and Express post is still more than $6, let alone handling and packaging.

    The bigger issue is that Australia Post charges too much for all forms of delivery, though in this case I probably wouldn't use Express Post.

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    If u had the 1c postage that you had before then maybe people might try it and love it…otherwise I'd rather get it from a gourmet chocolate store…(which would probably even be cheaper…and better)

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    harrysro, please observe the deal posting guidelines and be descriptive:

    Please explain clearly what this deal is about. Things to mention include (1) merchant (2) price (3) product name (4) any expiry date and (5) location if it is specific to an area. Please also include a short summary.

    Please also include postage cost to major Australian cities in the post if it can be found on the site.

    Please update your description accordingly.


    I've always wanted to try their sampler, I might have to wait a while for a better deal though.

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