North America filghts December

I'm looking to book some flights to North America in December. I want to spend a few days around Vancouver at some point in the trip but other than that I am pretty flexible with itinerary. As flights into LAX look cheapest I was thinking I would fly into LAX and then travel up the west coast and perhaps get an internal flight back and the end of the trip.

Preferred travel dates (flexible a few days each way but trying to minimise annual leave while maximising time away!)

13/12/14 - 03/01/15
06/12/14 - 20/12/14

I know it is a pretty open question but would look forward to hearing any suggestions! Happy to fly to Seattle, San Fran, Vegas, LAX, Vancouver etc etc.


  • I made the mistake of booking through a carrier before going to Student Flights / STA Travel. If you're of an age that would comply with their discount scheme, you can get a major airline for a much cheaper price.

    My SYD > LAX > NYC on 27 December 2014 and LAX > SYD return on 24 January 2015 cost $1,600 at STA Travel with Virgin Australia there and back.

    Luckily I managed to get my money back on the previous flight.

    Last time I went, I went to LA, Vegas, Chicago, New York and Buffalo. I'd recommend everywhere except Buffalo. I'm going back this time with the young lady, and we're going NYC, Texas, Utah, Vegas and California again.

    Best of luck!

    • Thanks, I'll check out STA but I'm over 25 and not studying so I'm not sure i'll be able to get a better fare.

  • If you were going any other time of the year, I would suggest looking for a cheap flight to Hawaii. It is much less stressful going through immigration in Hawaii than the mainland, and you can get a flight to any of those west-coast cities from Honolulu. It often works out cheaper.

    Unfortunately, December is peak time in Hawaii, so perhaps it won't be the way to go for you.

    • Thank you for the idea, some attractive fares SYD -> HNL coming up (around the $1000 mark). Will investigate further!

  • Hi. I'd like to say "me too". Are you going from Sydney?

    I'm in Melbourne and need to be in Phoenix by about 15/12, and can stay until 5/1 or so, looking for ideas. It's close to LA, so I'd go through there.

    A couple of weeks ago, there were direct flights MEL to LAX with Universal for $1600, but they appear to be gone, and now the cheapest is $1740 through Fiji (which would be a nice place to stop at).

    I'm in contact with Flight Centre to see if they can do anything better, but I've found the cheapest comparison sites (for my search at least) were in order of cheapest to dearest:

    Flight Centre

    Good luck. Let me/us know if you find anything good. Thanks.

  • Ended up booking SYD to LAX departing Dec 11. Airfare was around $1770 direct with united. STA travel was the cheapest site I could find, their date matrix was also really useful. Some of the sites above are in $US so you need to take into account the exchange rate when looking at the ticket price.

    • Have a great trip!!!