When would be a good time to buy PS3 or should i wait for PS4

Guys, is PS3 still worth it or should i wait for PS4 to drop price..


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    The PS3 seems to be holding its value well. I would buy a PS3 off eBay/Gumtree to play through the huge backlog of games. By the time you finish the ones you want to play the PS4 should be a lot cheaper

  • I like newer tech, but since PS3 has free online play for most games. I wouldn't resist starting with a PS3. But personally for me, PC is the way to go after this generation. I simply don't play games online enough to warrant a subscription fee and PC seems to cater for me better nowadays. But I know this will unlikely apply to you. Just my 2-cents, I realize you would want something in a neat package with a controller, without all the hassles PC's cause.

    Or if you got a good internet connection, I believe you could try PlayStation TV which I think is coming soon for under $150. Not sure if it's even coming to Australia though. I just seen a bit of it on YouTube and it looks like you can subscribe and stream games to it via the internet.

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      You are referring to PlayStation now. PlayStation TV provides remote play from your PS4. Sony Australia have said we won't see PlayStation Now until we have suitable infrastructure….. Which will be never :(

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    like the soft shell and hard taco, why cant you have both?

    there are good games on ps3

    there are good games on ps4

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      Correction. There ARE good games on ps3. There WILL BE good games on ps4.

      Because, you know. The list so far is:
      1: InFamous SS.
      2: ???

      • Bloodborne, Destiny.
        But moreso Bloodborne.

        • If we're just going off E3, one would argue Uncharted 4. Because Bloodborne isn't out yet, and Destiny is on everything.

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    If you buy a PS3 and want some games, I've got 80+ I'm trying to get rid of.

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      Hey krazed, I just bought a ps3 for the young cousin and would like to load him up on games, controllers etc. Your inbox won't accept new conversations, let me know how you'd like to proceed! Cheers.

  • WELL, arguably the best game on PS3 is the last of us, or the Uncharted's. The Last of Us is almost already finished being remade for PS4 and Uncharted 4 is officially confirmed, I would say a PS4.

    However, the amazing back catalog of games for the PS3 and the price at which you can obtain the console (As little as 200 with a whole game) means that you definitely need it as well. However, the lack of backwards compatibility forces you to get both if you wanna play all the exclusives.

  • Buy a PS3.

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      I'm not even going to try and fathom why this is negged.

      • Fools with little red anonymous power trip button.

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