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50% off Tasman Bitter Beer at First Choice Liquor Melton VIC. $20.00 Carton


As in title, cheap beer. Don't know what it tastes like but found in my local store today. Don't know if it is available elsewhere, or use by date. Carton is 24 X 375ml bottles.

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  • Normally First Choice reduce their beer when it is close to the used by date- I would say that this may be limited to certain stores. Still a decent beer for cheap if you can get your hands on it!

  • Ta, bought two cartons on the way home from work tonight. :)

    • Expiry is 08/07/14…. So a little less than a month away. I probably shouldn't have bought two cartons for myself!!! Hope they're still not too bad after they expire!

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    woah, great price.. little winter tip, buy a bottle of stone's wine and ginger these suckers up!

    • Please explain?

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    crack the stubbie, take a fair slug, then top up with ginger wine.. simples!

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