Ampersand Design Studio - Feed Back please

Hi Ozb family,

We have recently launched a new Logo/motion graphics website.
could you please critique/comment?

Looking forward to launching a Ozbargain special.
Would love some feedback around that as well.

Appreciate your time.

Ampersand Design Studio


  • anyone?

  • pretty easy to navigate. not bad, though if you are going to put all those jobs up, have you considered making them into case studies? or at least have a few words explaining the job? Looks like you have done quite a bit, were they paid jobs? or more of a student portfolio? probably a good thing to advise that as well as some customers may be mislead on the history of ADS.

    just my 2 cents

    • Hi Andrew.
      Thanks for the feedback.

      All of the works, are paid works, done for clients in India, Malaysia and here.

      The IP is loaded on owners consent as he is one of the directors in the company.
      We will populate with data as well as pricing in coming days.

      working on some google optimisation.

  • Anymore feedback please?
    Any special we can come up with for OZB family?

  • Hi guys, please critique/comment.

  • noticed a small problem on contact page just below the "your message" box you have missing/broken image

    • cheers thanks.

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