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Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses (New Style) - COTD - $99.95 + Shipping


Haven't seen these any cheaper so thought I'd make them my first post here.

Shipping is $8.39 in Bendigo.

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  • I find amazing sometimes COTD have far better price than sellers on ebay

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      caus Con Of The Day also sell fakes…… ;)

      • Yep, wouldn't trust them on such easily and rampid copied items.

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        I'm pretty new to Australia so wasn't aware of this.

        I thought I'd seen an affiliation between this site & COTD so just assumed they were alright.

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    Title should probably specify these are New Wayfarers (as opposed to Original Wayfarers).

    Haven't seen these any cheaper

    Amazon occasionally have these for $20-30 cheaper:

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    Haven't seen them as low as that before so will keep a UV protected eye on Amazon in the future. Thanks for the info.

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    Be aware these are the 55mm.(HUGE) I bought from ebay 52mm and used shipito


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      I would hardly say 'huge'. I accidentally bought 52mm size of these and they were way too small for my head, I ended up giving them away. I would say I have an average size head for a man. I read that the new wayfarer style appears smaller than the original due to the narrower profile as well.

    • They have the 52mm for $10 more. Personally, I prefer the bigger ones.

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    Note deal is not for polarized lenses as most people expect from R-B

    Sorry to tank your deal dude but,


    same model and lens

    Can be purchased direct from amazon for $90.89 AUD +$8.30 shipping to sydney suburbs. overall cheaper comes with amazon return policy which is far and away better than 'Dodgy of the Day's' policy.

    only disadvantage is the wait time for delivery but its worth it rather than getting shonky catch of the day things that are never what you expect.

    I once bought a leather jacket which had a zipper so poorly sewn on it was not even close to straight and could not be zipped up and they would not accept a return.

    gl in future!

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      No need for the neg, your deal expired within 2hrs of post, noone can prove these are fake and are presumed legit, and the leather jacket you once bought amongst the many, many products sold by cotd has nothing to do with sunglasses.

      GL in the future for a proper neg vote!

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        Deal is still running. Link defaults to the polarised version for some reason, correct comparison for deal is g-15 lens.
        The vote fills two criteria for a negative vote as per voting guidelines;
        1. Is not the cheapest deal (I merely searched this on a whim and found a cheaper price Amazon should be a go to price check for the majority of fashion deals just as statice with computer parts)
        2. Major issue with retailer (a lot of the community have had issues with catch of the day myself included the jacket is merely one example of their poor quality and customer service)

        Gl in future being passive aggressive

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