McDonalds Shopper Docket

I went to Swansea Mcdonalds last Saturday (2nd) big thanks to Tightarse (what a lot of time and effort you put into that wonderful post)

The buy one get one free coffee or big mac for Swansea/Tuggerah/Wyong, This is printable on the shopper dockets website.

Mcdonalds refused to accept printed versions, The young girl got her female manager who got a male manager and they refused to accept it, they said they need the original docket and yet he stole the voucher anyway. I said its printable from the website and he said he would talk to them.

Has anyone else had issues or know about this?

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  • contact Maccas head office via the website and they'll send you free Macca's money to say sorry.

  • You could try post in the deal and hope the rep for SAD sees it, they should be able to get it sorted if nothing else.

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    You could have gone to the shop a docket mobile website and clicked the 'redeem' button in front of them which spits out a cashier code for the operator to use? Easier for them to understand (although it's not rocket science) plus you get to save on the cost of printing the coupon :-)

    I'm surprised you didn't get a response from maccas HO - they're paying a lot more than you'd think for the shop a docket campaigns and from the advertiser's perspective the more people that see the coupon the better. No one will post a coupon they'll lose money on. I would follow up with maccas for clarification on 1. why your coupon wasn't accepted and 2. why your original query was ignored.

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      But then you get those ignorant managers who are like 'you have to print it out' (even though you don't, happened to me at KFC) or give any reason not to redeem like this one in particular.

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        Wow, that sucks. I guess some franchisees may not see eye to eye with HO when it comes to promotional campaigns like case below, maybe discourage their staff from honouring the coupons?

        Either that or the managers are really just plain ignorant.

        • Given that this shopper docket is for Wyong, Tuggerah and Swansea its even more surprising as these franchises would have agreed to this promotion to have the shopper docket deal.

          1. Go again to Macca's HQ. BTW it may take them a few days to investigate so no response might be for that reason.

          2. Go to Shopper Docket so they either take it off their website, or they sort it out with the Franchises/Maccas.

  • Shop a docket have a facebook page - they seem to respond to posts there fairly quickly so maybe post a complaint there.

    I would also contact McDonalds again. I see they have a phone number - maybe try that?
    Customer Service number 02 9875 7100
    Opening hours 8am - 5.30pm EST (Monday - Friday)

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    Hi Kwaker,

    Thanks for posting this here and sorry for the hassle you had with the coupon. We've had printed coupons on our website for many years but we still get the odd occasion where a printed coupon is refused. The mobile coupons we introduced last year seem to have a much lower rate of refusal though.

    I will contact our account manager for the relevant McDonald's and have them contact the store to clarify the situation.

    McDonald's HQ is unlikely to help as most of the Shop A Docket deals are done at the franchise level.

    If you have similar issues with other locations you can let us know via the contact us form on our website - its under the 'About' option at the top left of the page.

    • I did contact you, still haven't received a reply for that either though.

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        Hi Kwaker,

        Not sure why you hadn't received a reply from us sooner, but I have responded to your contact. Apologies for the delay!