Rate the US package forwarding service that you have used

I have just successfully bought some toys from Lego US online store for my kids with the package forwarding & BuyForMe service of USGoBuy. I am satisfied with their service and price!

Before I settled down on USGoBuy, I had a hard and long time deciding which package forwarding service to use, as we all know there are so many to choose from. A list of such package forwarding services is already available at OZbargain: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/list_of_mail_forwarders

So I wonder why not have a post on US package forwarding services, and share our experiences. So future users can avoid potential problems and save money!

Here I share with you the points to look at when using a package forwarding service:

  1. Set up fee: Not all package forwarders charge for membership setup fee. You can avoid paying this!
  2. Package handling fee: Yes, some package forwarders ask for handling fee, though it might be clearly written down. Be aware of this.
  3. Package consolidation fee: If you buy from Lego and Amazon, then you have 2 packages, but you surely would not like to get them shipped separately to Australia, so you can combine these 2 packages into one. Some package forwarders charge a fee for this! Some not!
  4. Package storage fee: if you keep your package at their warehouse for more than a certain time period, you have to pay some money each day!
    5: Shipping cost: Those with lower shipping rate, cannot guarantee a total lower costs. You should be aware of the above fees.

For a detailed comparison of the charges and services, USGoBuy has a page on that, take a look and you will learn more!

Share if you think there are other things we should pay attention to!


  • Here are some companies I've used so far, and my experiences:

    -Quick, hassle free
    -Prices are reasonable
    -Rebates for certain websites through Ebates
    -Free upgrade to express shipping on your first order(not sure if this still works)

    -From my experience, very similar to HopShopGo

    Price USA
    -Aussie based company
    -Option to pay through local bank deposit
    -Replies to emails really quickly
    -Honest. They have always been upfront with me when they think after shipping, the savings won't be worthwhile
    -Offers quite a range of options, for example, 'free return shipping to USA for warranty repairs' for a small fee
    -Only downside is that, you can't purchase the item and have it sent to their USA address. They have to purchase the item for you

    -Aussie based company
    -option to pay through local bank deposit
    -can be quite slow when it comes to replying emails
    -from the quotes I've got so far, they are usually 5-10% more expensive that Price USA
    -Can pay for the item yourself

    The last 2 are Aus companies. From experience, if you're buying something small(mobile phones), Comgateway, Hopshopgo works out cheaper. But if you're buying something large or shipping a few items in one go, 3 & 4 sometimes works out cheaper.

    • Yes, using a service that is run by an Australia based company is more reliable for most of us, at least that is how we feel. As to the shipping costs, I used their calculators, and they are almost the same.

  • I'm surprised this post hadn't attracted more recent posts given current au $

  • Shipito

    Cannot beat $1 package handling fee shipped to oregon tax free.

  • I've only used MyMallBox, and I was very happy with it. Shipping for a few shirts was about 40% cheaper than the last similar Amazon order I made (plus a $5 discount for first order) that was able to shipped directly to me

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