This was posted 9 years 11 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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ARMA 2 Combined Operations (Dayz Mod) $12.49 Save 50% Steam Sale


Arma 2 Combined Operations which is basically dayz mod (once you download the mod) is 50% currently, Combined operations is arma 2 and arma 2 oa put together. arma 2 oa is $9.99 currently

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  • @sprof what and you expect it to work and not be stolen?

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      out of interest and fairness - you got anything to back up that accusation?

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        would you go through a 4th or 5th party website, which has no security to save >$1 with no guarantee of your key working or being banned 'mysteriously' after an hour of you playing???

        • Any online payment I will try my best to do due diligence to ensure
          a) My Personal Details are secure
          b) My Payment Details are secure
          c) I will get the item what I pay for (as they promote it to perform, not a knock off, in a reasonable timeframe)
          d) The store I am dealing with has a good reputation for supply and service (during sales and after sales)

          I can helpfully use online site like this one for this purpose.
          ie search OZbargain for this site for previous issues - I don't see any negs for trust just for price competativness.
          I can search other online site (I came up with - not sure how good this is but it seems to feed from Web of Trust)
          I can ask others of their experience or knowledge.

          Steam is trustworthy yes (except that one time they got hacked that we know of) but that doesn't make your deal the only option.

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          @Elijha: i know my deal isnt the only option but if you take what i said into account then well you decide on the risk over ~$1

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          people should have bought it during the steam summer sale for the complete collection for $7.50

  • Please, no more sales on any of the ARMA franchise, there are already too many twelvies knocking around and every steam sale we are inundated with more of them.

  • Not that great of a deal compared to what it's been in the past.

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