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3 Pairs Mens Bonds Briefs XL Only $1.33 Free Delivery @ COTD Via eBay


Guys! Do you wear XL jocks? Well, you're in luck! Can't go wrong with 3 pairs of mens Bonds undies for $1.33 with free delivery.

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  • what i would like to know is what else can we get shipped free using the code

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      Try the good guys, DSE, Super Cheap Auto, and Harvey Norman eBay stores, they all use this code for free shipping. Let us know if there is anything good.

  • awesomeeee

  • Those that like skinny shorts might be able to use these

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    I think they will just fit,

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    Thank you.

  • Thanks OP.

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    the two guys behind the first guy in the photo are missing their right legs!

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  • Wow these are flying through the door. What a catch.

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    free budgie per pair or per pack of three?

  • Sold out?

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    How do I hide the thumbnail?

    • You can't. Bask in it's glory. LOL

      There have been enough lingerie deals over the years, it's time for the girls to have some revenge. Although truthfully, those jocks aren't very sexy at all, just practical and really really cheap.

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        You had me at cheap

        • Cheap is our religion here

        • Amen to that!

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      How do I hide the thumbnail?

      Nothing wrong with the thumbnail. He's buff. It is the mental image of 1000 obese ozbargainers in XL Y-fronts I want to hide.

  • 528 sold, wow.

  • Sold out.

  • Is this msg Ok ??? payment made via paypal

    Your payment is still processing

    If your payment is declined for some reason, we’ll send you an email to let you know. You should then come back to your item(s) and try your payment again.

    • Yeah, sometimes the links from paypal to the credit card processor is down/congested. They do process normally process it later.

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    Will these fit my tight ass?

    • It depends on how hard you can push.

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    533 sold. thats a lot of fat arses.

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    I bought this and few other items using this code. the invoices were of $5.98 and $6 but when I logged into my palpal account, they have charged me $13.98 for each transcation.. Wondering why!!! I have written to Paypal too but havent heard back yet.. Did this happen to somebody else too?

    • Click 'details' for each transaction to see the voucher discounts.

      • Yep, it looks like on the front page you have been charged full price with postage, but if you look further you'll see they only charge you what they should.

  • Thanks.. But even in the details it says the full amount.. There is no mention of the voucher used or discounted price anywhere. :(
    What do I do now? I have written to paypal 3 days back but havent heard back..

  • any other deals on cheap undies? :P

    I am always too late lol

  • Anyone received their cheapass underoos yet?

    • Yes I have.

    • Yes I think last thursday they arrived :)