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(Melbourne) eBay Big Deal Hunt $100-$1000 Vouchers in a Secret Location - Sunday 17th August



Closing Date 17/08/2014


Description $100 x 200 eBay vouchers $250 x 24 vouchers $500 x 14 eBay vouchers $1000 x 2
No. of Prizes 100
Total Prize Pool $35,000.00

Entry Requirements

Open To VIC
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

$35,000 value of vouchers.

$100 x 200 eBay vouchers
$250 x 24 eBay vouchers
$500 x 14 eBay vouchers
$1000 x 2 eBay vouchers

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  • I don't think its a competition, as long as you know the location and get there early.. pretty much easy to get it!

  • From their Facebook page hints:


    • Bonus Hint 2 Melbourne for the secret location: There is an art to finding them!

    • Melbourne! Hint 2 for the secret location in our Big Deal hunt: Finding these eBay vouchers… will be music to your ears!

    • Bonus Facebook Hint to the Sunday location: Oh What A Feeling! eBay loves me, eBay loves me not..

    • HINT 1: To find the eBay vouchers you’ll have to go.. with the flow**

    Sounds like the grassy area between Hamer Hall, The Arts Centre, The Yarra River.

    • If you've hit St. Kilda, you've gone too far to meet the Queen


      You’ll find the eBay vouchers… near a Shakespearian leading lady!

      OK, I have no idea. Is there a Shakespearian statue near there?

      • +1

        OK, I've figured it out in a reverse sort of engineering way. The City of Melbourne just like other councils require permits for events. A quick search on their site shows eBay has booked Southbank Spillway. The spillway is between Queensbridge Square and Southbank.

        It will be at the Opehlia statue outside or near Southgate.

        Ophelia is an art piece. It's also the name of a leading Shakespearean female lead. The reference to the Queen is Queensbridge Squre and St. Kilda is St. Kilda road.

        Hmmm, now can I be bothered to go down there on Sunday morning?

        • Opportunity to grab the $1000 voucher isn't reason enough? :)

          I wonder how would the vouchers be distributed- hidden within the parameter of the statue?

        • @Craze:

          Not sure, there are 240 of them as well.

          from their FAQ:

          Q. Can I try and find more than one voucher?

          A. Of course! There is no limit to how many prize vouchers each person can find!

          Today's clues are:

          You won't have to walk too far to meet Matthew at the station.

          Assume thats referring to Matthew Flinders. E.G. near the pedestrian walk to Flinders St Station


          You’ll find the eBay vouchers… in a great spot to SPILL the beans!

          Southbank Spillway

  • Plenty of people with multiple vouchers. Getting their kids to camp. Unlucky for those who people who missed out

    • +1

      Was there and didn't get any vouchers. Didn't feel like there were 240 vouchers as they were all gone within the first 5 mins lol

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