Cheap self storage around Brisbane?


I'm travelling overseas early next year for 6-12 months, and need to put some stuff into storage in September as I'll be moving interstate until I leave the country.

Can anybody recommend a cheap self storage facility in the greater brisbane area?

Obviously I would like it as cheap as possible, so I am prepared to hire the space within 50km of the city centre. Ipswich would be fine, and similar distances north, south and east.

I have a fair few pieces of antique furniture in my possession which I would like to maintain in the condition it is in. The space does not need to be temperature controlled or anything, just dry and generally safe.

I've started looking, but thought I would come here first to see if anyone has had good experiences.

Thanks for your help!



  • All i can say since i have used storage in various locations along the East Coast since 2009, try to pick a place that has less chance of highish humidity (away from the sea,river etc) some of my stuff that had never had mould (in more than 20 years)-suddenly did in 2011 (yep was a wet year) maybe use the Upstairs location as it will be slightly warmer/drier.

    Have Fun :)

  • Thanks snappy, might be a bit hard to find somewhere with low humidity around bris since summer is quite humid. But I will definatly keep that in mind and go for somewhere away from a water source.


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