Why don't all posts make it to the main page of ozbargain and others go straight to the main page?

I have noticed on a few bargains that I have posted that they never get published to the main page of ozbargain when you load the URL, the only way to find it is to go to the category which it's posted in.

Who chooses what goes to the main page and what is the criteria for this?

I thought it was a time delay but this is not the case, some get more of a preference than others?


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    this is a dynamic feature and depends on specific user preferences. As a member, you can select what you want published on the main page based on the minimum number of votes a post gets. This preference can be edited by clicking on your username at the top, then click on the edit tab, and click on preferences.

    For non members, i believe the default minimum vote count is 9 positives before a deal gets published on the main page.


      Thanks very much for the info mate that explains it.



      The default number of votes is also changing all the time (usually increasing) so the front page usually shows the best deals from the last 2-3 days.

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