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$25 off Science Diet 15 Kg Dog Food Bags + Free Shipping Australia Wide - My Pet Warehouse


Free shipping on this offer. Order before 2 p.m. and receive same day dispatch

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  • At $6.66 per kilogram, that's more expensive than the food I buy my kids.

    You can get great healthy dog food for around $2.00 per kilogram, just do some research. Supplement that with "real" food from the butcher and your dogs will have a great diet.

    • We have fed our Mastif/Arab cross Science Diet since birth (vet recommended). Her coat has been magnificent and her body shape super fit always. And this is cheaper then most pet shops at this price. So a good deal.

    • Could you share your tips? Is that $2.00 per kg for packaged food or after making your own home made food from meat n vegies n such?

      • we started out giving our dog the meat and veggies, but she developed bladder stones, and the vet said the food was too rich for her. and we then needed to spend a lot more on special Prescription Diet food that is very expensive.

  • Will you be having any good deals on black hawk soon rep? :) it's cheaper to buy at my local pet shop atm

    • Until these get sorted I have found Stefmar to be cheapest for BlackHawk atm Approx $87 delivered. Just a little cheaper than BudgetPetProducts

      • Thanks I haven't heard that brand before will have to have a look into it :)

        • Haha just realised you were talking about a store! I live in the country so unfortunately delivery would be $24 for me :( but the prices are great!

      • I use Stefmar too, I find them to be on average $20 cheaper on the 15kg bag of dry cat food I buy for my cats than anywhere else, & they use a courier which is actually cheaper than Aust Post (ie $5.50 for said 15kg bag!!)

        • The "mature adult active longevity 15kg", for example, is $5 dearer on Stefmar after shipping…

    • We have none on the horizon Hipmumma, sorry.


    Hi rep. Minor issue on your site I've noticed for a while (unrelated to this deal). When you look up the Small Animal Food & Treats category, the product Vetafarm Rodent Origins doesn't appear in the list… it only shows up if I actually use the search function and type in 'Vetafarm'. Even searching for 'rat food' doesn't bring up the Vetafarm Rodent food.

    I buy it regularly from you guys and know how to find it, but it might be good to make it more searchable for new rat owners who aren't sure what feed to buy (as it's a good quality feed, unlike seed mixes etc which are everywhere and terrible for rodents!). Cheers.

  • I'll bite….