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5 Free Songs Sung By VeggieTales Personalised With Your Kids Name from JustMeMusic


After my kids enjoying the Elmo deal posted yesterday, Big Thankyou to TA, I began the hunt for a code to get a Disney or Wiggles song. Unfortunately could not find any but did manage to obtain a code for 5x free Personalised songs sung by VeggieTales. Not as good as Elmo but my kids are happy.

Free Songs Are
Introduction With Bob & Larry
VeggieTales Theme Songs
That Was Great!
If You're Happy And You Know It
We Don't Have Hands

On the first page enter code VEGGIE into the first textbox then any email into second textbox and click the Download button. This will take you to the next page where you can choose your childs (or your own) name.
On the final page the first 5 songs can be downloaded for free. Right click the link for each song and save to your computer or phone as ringtone.

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  • +7

    Are the songs anywhere near as awesome as the Hair Brush Song?

  • +1

    great first post,Thanks OP!

  • +5

    FYI for those who don't know, Vegietales is a religous (Christian) program.

    • +11

      Thanks God for the freebies!

  • +3

    Well, from what I've seen of Veggie Tales, they promote thoughtful, caring and thankful attitudes - which is fine by me.

    • Agreed.

      I grumble every time I see a religious hard-sell, or where everthing becomes god-this god-that (regardless of what religion). Grew up with it. No thanks.

      But-hey… if it's not harming anyone, and promoting good values, who am I to get in the way.

  • +2

    A little tip. After saving each song I click the back button on my phone browser and was able to go back to the page and change the name. Saves having to restart the whole process from the start for each name.

  • Thanks OPS

    • There's more than one? :-P

  • Thanks

  • +1

    Great - Thank You!

  • +5

    For my kids? I use it for my staff. The "that's great" is fantastic when it's personalised. Really lifts morale.

    • +1

      But I can't see "Mindless Minions" in the drop down list for names……

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