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SanDisk Extreme SD 32/64/128GB - $29.95/$54.95/$119.95, Samsung 64GB Pro SD - $38.95 (FREESHIP)


Hello everyone,

We're back with a deal - Let's hope the server holds up this time :P

Newsletter Promotional items:

Flash Memory
Sandisk 64GB Class 4 SD Card for $27.95
Lexar 128GB 400x Compact Flash (bulk packaging) for 134.95

Gaming Mice
Razer DeathAdder Counter Logic Gaming eSports Edition for $36.95
Razer Taipan Evil Geniuses eSports Edition for $44.95

Newsletter Promotion prices valid until Sunday, 31st August, 2014 - 10PM or while stocks last.

Sandisk Extreme SD Card, Class 10, 45MB/s (Retail Pack)
32GB for 29.95
64GB for 54.95
128GB for 119.95
*Please allow 1-2 business days from payment for the dispatch of the 128GB Extreme SD Card.

Samsung 64GB Pro, Class 10, 80MB/s (Bulk Packaging) for $38.95 - Please note, only 200 units available, strictly while stocks last.

Prices Valid until Friday, 29th August, 2014 - 2PM.

All flash memory (i.e. excluding gaming mice) above attract free shipping.

And, because I know I'll get asked: no we cannot repeat the Samsung MicroSD deal at this point in time, sorry!

Happy shopping - questions, queries - as always - drop me a PM or a comment below!

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      Hey VVV,

      I did reply to you in the other thread, I didn't continue to monitor it after that though. As I mentioned, bulk packaged products are nearly impossible to source 'locally'.

      Our retail stock is purchased from a Sydney based distributor. I cannot guarantee that the stock they purchase is directly from Samsung Australia which was the impression I got from your comments on our previous deal for how you qualify something as being 'Australian Stock' - Flash memories tend to be a highly traded commodity product and most of the distributors / retailers in the business can be pretty touchy about their sources. It is expected that they, like us, will grab stock from the cheapest source provided they are confident the stock is genuine. I would imagine that sometimes that is local and sometimes that is from overseas.

      It's not that we don't want to answer you, it's just that it's not a straight forward yes or no question, because of the way the prices fluctuate it's impossible to guarantee that flash memory we are supplied with from the same company in the same week, are from one source and even if we were to ask them if they supply is local or not, they won't answer us since that can be commercially sensitive information.

      I guess Francesca (the previous rep) never provided a 'direct' answer probably because of the above. As always, warranty for all products we / MemoryCity sell is and continues to be handled locally.


    Thanks. Grabbed the Sandisk 32Gb SD card. I was looking at these at lunch time today. Costco had a two pack of the same card for $105.99 = $53 each.

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    Seems pretty regular


    The online memory purchasing guide I read says that bulk packaging usually means fake. How do you get so much stock in bulk packaging?


      Are you sure it is fake? I am thinking of getting the 64GB SD pro for my DSLR.

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      Hey Lostn,

      I cannot answer your question specifically, since that is commercial in confidence. Sourcing genuine stock in bulk packaging is not difficult. Many stores avoid bulk packaged stock because of the impression amongst users that they are 'fake' - We, for the most part, have had positive feedback from our users with bulk packaged products and will continue to offer it, as it allows us to offer a better pricing to our customers than we could otherwise offer.

      Products that are bulk packaged are clearly marked, if you do not wish to purchase bulk packaged products, that is understandable and you are under no obligation to do so.

      The reason why we often put bulk packaged stock on these sales is because they usually come in waves (as they are often left-overs from fulfilling large scale projects) so they are well suited to the OzBargain scene (low price, large quantity, within a short frame of time).

      We treat bulk packaged products no differently to retail packaged products for warranty purposes - this includes if, for reasons unrelated to the interfacing device (i.e. your SD card reader, etc.) , your SD card is shown to be under-performing the specifications.


    Good prices on the taipan and DA, if I didn't already have a regular Taipan I would buy one


      Would you say they are worth the purchase? I have never owned a gaming mouse, are they a significant improvement over my $10 logitech mouse?


        I've only had the Taipan.
        Only if you need high DPI are they worth it (Like flying a plane or UCAV in BF4), otherwise my mouse sensitivity is usually at 1600DPI.
        Most of it is marketing.
        Depends if you need one, for everyday use - no difference with regards to your $10 logitech mouse


        Take what you will from my comments :P

        Personally, gaming mices tend to be a touch more comfortable to use. They also tend not to have anything 'annoying' associated with it and are a good - comfortable size to rest your hand on. (Some cheaper 'office' mice I find can be a touch on the small side, have odd protrusions, design decisions.)

        They also come equipped with more sensitive and adjustable sensors and software but this is of limited use outside of gaming.

        Obviously, extremely subjective, YMMV.


        In general gaming mices perform better however this may be irrelevant depending on your intended usage.

        Consider purchasing if your intentions are for gaming or interested in the features offered.

        If you had to pick between the two above suggest the Razer DeathAdder CLG. The DeathAdder series have a good reputation for their performance-wise sensors. This edition of the DeathAdder uses the Avago ADNS-S3988 which houses the same internals as the DeathAdder 2013.

        Note: The Razer DeathAdder CLG actually uses an optical sensor despite what it says on the PCByte site "Razer Deathadder CLG eSport Edition Laser Gaming Mouse 6400 DPI"

        Don't limit yours choices to the above. Consider other available alternatives as there are several factors to consider when choosing a gaming mouse suitable to your needs.

        If interested please take time to read this:


          Thanks for the note Pledge, I'm making the change now.


          @Roland Chen:

          Sure, the product link needs changing too.


          @Pledge: eh, yup :P … let me see if I can do this without messing with the URLs…


    Thanks. 32G grabbed.


    What about the Samsung 64gb PRO SD card? Looks like a pretty good deal?


      We think so ;)


        Just ordered one!


    How's the warranty on the BULK PACKAGED? Warranty provided by pcbyte or Manufacturer?


      Generally speaking, both. We are able to provide warranty or the manufacturer. My understanding is that this is the case for SanDisk. I am checking with my colleagues for Samsung now.

      In all cases, we are able to provide the warranty directly should you experience any complications (and, for the most part, manufacturers will point you back to us as the point of purchase.)

      EDIT: Basically, wherever you go first, you'll end up being pointed back to us since the preference is to have it dealt with by the point of sale first (us). I'm getting our distributors to ask 'up the chain' but their turn-around is not quick based on my understanding…

      AFAIK, it should be no problem. Usually our customers come back to us because if they go straight to Samsung / SanDisk they get pointed back to us anyway and our policy is to do a hot-swap if we can confirm it's faulty and we have stock on hand of that particular item, so our warranty process tends to be faster anyway (than waiting for the manufacturer's warranty process).


    What about extreme pro with 90mb/s speed?


      No deal on that just atm, sorry mitchins :(


    Good to see some competitive prices for sdcards.. Having recently purchased the BMPCC camera I'm on the look out for fast cards (the camera is very sensitive about minimum transfer rates).

    For example, 32gb samsung EVO microsd's seem to record prores 422 without any issues (and about 15 seconds cinema DNG and 4 seconds prores HQ)

    The 64gb version of the EVO however drops frames at prores 422 and requires lower quality rate.

    The Samsung PRO (32gb) while being faster than the EVO seems to drop frames even on Prores LT which is odd because its technically its faster for sustained writing than the EVO.

    I'm tempted to purchase the Sandisk 45mb (although the 90mb one 64gb is recommended for Cinema DNG but is horrifically expensive)… Also wondering if the samsung 64gb Pro SD might be good potentially (but as there is no write speed mentioned).

    Hopefully U3 cards start to filter down …

    Has anyone used the 45mb sandisk on the BMPCC and found it usable for prores HQ? (or even raw?)


      "Also wondering if the samsung 64gb Pro SD might be good potentially (but as there is no write speed mentioned)"

      Read up to 80 mb/s Write up to 40 mb/s


        Updating it now, not sure how the write speed got left off the specifications tab :|

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    received my sd card from the previous buy, impressed with the service. any chance of an SSD sale?

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      Not just atm. We are exploring the possibility after the interest shown last promotion about Hard Drives. Shouldn't be too hard to put an SSD in there when when run it. :)


    Can anyone explain to me what the 'bulk packaging' means?


      Hey PSPeter,

      Basically, bulk packaged products do not come in a retail box. They are supplied 'in bulk' often to companies or other large scale orders where the use of a retail box - with all it's descriptions and artwork - is superfluous.

      I hope that helps? When I get into the office tomorrow, I can take a photo of the grid it comes in to give you an idea?

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    Received bulk Samsung card from previous deal, fast delivery. Card checked and tested as genuine. Thanks Roland.


      You're welcome xywolap :)


    Thanks. I needed a 32gb for a relative and I have been wanting a 64gb for a while. Best price I could find for these items. Bought the microSD from the last deal, received quickly and genuine.